The 6 Zodiac Signs That End Up Being The Snottiest Teenagers — Sorry

When my kids were adorable newborns, I didn't give much thought to what they were going to be like in 13 years or so. Truth to tell, there were days I wondered whether they'd ever get out of diapers. But lo and behold, they're both in their teens now, and I realize that maybe I should have been paying more attention to their astrological profiles. Then maybe I would have known whether they were born under one of the zodiac signs known for being snotty teenagers.

Oh, each child has their moments, all right, no matter what their birth date is. But astrologically speaking, there are certain signs that are more inclined to display attitude than others. Each of the 12 Western zodiac signs is said to be ruled by an element that plays a part in its temperament, explains Astrostyle. The Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are passionate and emotional; Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are intuitive and sensitive. Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are restless and flexible, while Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are sensible and detail-oriented. With that in mind, it's not hard to figure out which kids will be more likely to throw a screaming fit, or which ones will dig in their heels when you tell them to turn off their cell phones.

Based on their characteristic personalities and their ruling elements, these are the six signs who are most likely to display major teen 'tude. If you have one of them, consider yourself forewarned, and remember: Keep breathing, stay strong, and know that the teen years do pass, regardless of what sign your child is.


Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Capricorns are the level-headed sorts, and you won't find your Cap teen flying into a rage too often. But they do get into super-gloomy moods, and when they do, it can be hard to snap them out of it, according to ThoughtCo. The Capricorn teenager is the one lying on the bed, arm over their eyes, despairing about what the world is going to be like by the time they graduate college. And when they're ticked off, they don't hesitate to tell you exactly what they're thinking... right before they slam the door, according to Boldsky.


Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19)

Being a parent of an Aries child isn't a job for the weak. Ram children are generous, positive, curious, and natural leaders, but they're also impatient and have an explosive temper, warns Broadly. And when puberty hits, Aries boys are "the quintessential moody teen," according to The Talko. Teen Aries girls are busy bouncing from relationship to relationship, added the site, so expect a lot of attitude following every breakup.


Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

At their best, your Lion teen will be sweet, sunny, confident, and outgoing. But when Leo is having one of those days, they can drive you up the wall with their arrogance and know-it-all attitude, according to ThoughtCo. They'll roll their eyes when you ask them if they've done their homework, and they'll loudly proclaim to anyone who'll listen that nobody understands them (the term "drama queen" was made for Leos). Fortunately, their natural optimism keeps them from staying down for long.


Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

Cancer is all the feels, all the time. Combine that with typical teen hormones, and you're in for a bumpy adolescence. When they're happy, they're on top of the world. When finals week rolls around, or they have a fight with their bestie, your Cancer child will be almost unbearable to be around, warns Zodiac Fire. Best to let them angst it out in their room for a while, then make yourself available when they tearfully come out for a hug and a long talk. (Cancers are very close to their moms, explains The Talko).


Gemini (May 21 - Jun 20)

Geminis have a quick wit and a way with words. When this power is used for good, you won't find a more charming teen to talk to. But when a child born under the sign of the Twins is in a snotty mood, they zing everyone in their path with sarcasm and snarky remarks, according to Astrofame. When you see a mom snapping at their teen, "Don't you dare sass me!", the odds are pretty good that her offspring was born in late May or early June.


Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Independence is everything for the Water Bearer, per Mystical Blaze, so an Aquarius teen doesn't take well to too many rules and restrictions at home. Expect a lot of arguments over curfews and wardrobe (your Aquarius child will have a style all their own). Zodiac Fire adds that Aquarians hate being told they're wrong, especially if they feel their ideas are being attacked. Watch your language when you're trying to reason with your teen, or they'll shut you out faster than you can say "Snapchat."


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