7 Fast & Accurate Thermometers Your Baby Won't Hate

The first time your baby or toddler gets a fever you'll likely discover how difficult it is to get them to stay still long enough to take their temperature. But using one of the best infant thermometers can help you get an accurate reading fast — and speed is absolutely key in these moments.

Taking care of a sick child is never fun, but owning one of these top-notch thermometers makes your job so much easier. In less than a few seconds, you can find out if your baby has a fever using a non-contact forehead thermometer or an ear, oral, rectal, or armpit thermometer that provides a temperature reading before your little one has a chance to practice their escape artist skills. And, if you're concerned about waking your baby to take their temperature (which is especially sad if it has taken a while to soothe your sick child to sleep), the latest tech developments make it possible to get a temperature reading without even turning on the lights.

These seven infant thermometers are among the easiest to use — so you'll have one less thing to worry about the next time your baby is showing signs of fever.


A Pacifier Thermometer That Lights Up If Your Baby Has A Fever

Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer, $6, Amazon

This genius infant thermometer is hidden in a pacifier, which makes it that much easier to encourage babies to hold it in their mouths long enough to measure their temperatures. The thermometer lights up if your little one is running a fever and a memory feature recalls the last temperature reading to help you keep track of your baby's recovery. A protective cover is included for easy storage and travel.


A Forehead & Ear Thermometer That Can Store Up To 20 Readings

Metene Medical Forehead And Ear Thermometer, $30, Amazon

It's easier than ever to track your baby's temperature changes with this forehead and ear thermometer, which can store and recall up to 20 temperature readings. This device can take a baby's temperature in one second by simply placing it across the forehead or against the ear canal (never insert anything into your baby's ear). It has undergone FDA clinical tests and is recommended by medical experts for its consistency and reliability.


A Waterproof Thermometer That Gives 30-Second Readings

Purple Safety Baby Digital Thermometer, $12, Amazon

This waterproof baby digital thermometer can be used as an oral, rectal, or under-the-armpit thermometer. It takes accurate readings in 30 seconds, has a soft, flexible tip, and its waterproof design ensures it is sanitary and won't easily spread bacteria and viruses among siblings.


A Forehead Thermometer That Lets You Take Readings In The Dark

Bundle Tumble Digital Ear And Forehead Thermometer, $30, Amazon

There's nothing worse than finally getting your sick baby to sleep, only to have to wake him a few hours later for a temperature reading. This infrared baby thermometer, which can be used on the forehead or against the inner ear, features a backlit display that lets you take temperature readings at night without having to disturb your little one. You won't have to turn on a light, it reads temperatures in one second, and no body contact is even required.


A Thermometer Set That Provides Five Measurement Methods

Little Martin's Thermometer Set, $36, Amazon

Why limit yourself to one or two measurement methods when this thermometer set gives you five different ways of taking baby's temperature: by forehead, ear, orally, rectal, or under the arm. It provides one second temperature readings and has three color backlights that easily let you see if your child has fever, an elevated temperature, or a normal temperature.


A Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer That Can Also Be Used For Baby Bottles

Newkins Non-Contact Digital Thermometer, $22, Amazon

Using electronic, infrared technology, this digital thermometer can read your baby's temperature without even touching their skin. Hold it up close to your infant's forehead and it will deliver a temperature reading in two seconds — and can store up to nine temperature measurements. This multitasking little gadget can even be used to check the temperature of a baby bottle.


A Wearable Thermometer Patch That Continually Measures Your Baby's Temperature

Fever Scout, $60, Amazon

These fever monitoring patches look like cute stickers and safely adhere to a baby or young child's skin. Your baby's temperature is then constantly and consistently monitored via an app and your smartphone sends you an alert when your child's fever spikes. No more second guessing — you'll be able to administer medicine and comfort them the minute you find out they have a high fever, even in the middle of the night.

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