9 Nursing Covers You & Your Baby Will Love

Choosing whether to breastfeed your newborn is a highly personal decision — as is whether you will choose to wear a nursing cover. The best nursing covers on the market can be both functional and comfortable, but it's important to keep in mind that nursing covers are not mandatory. They aren’t required accessories, nor should you feel obligated to use one under any circumstance.

With that said, modern nursing covers may just win you over by the sheer force of their multitasking powers. There are nursing covers that double as carseat canopies, sweet scarves, stroller covers, and shawls. And if the idea of breastfeeding in public doesn't bother you in the slightest, but you like the idea of covering your newborn from wind, the strong summer sun, bugs, and pollen, there are plenty of nursing covers perfect for just that. Nursing covers can even be used as light blankets for on-the-go naps, which saves you from having to pack yet another item in your diaper bag.

Today's nursing covers have built-in burp cloths, are four-in-one accessories that serve a multitude of purposes, and come in infinity styles that can be transformed into ponchos and even halter tops. And if you decide to spring for one, these 10 nursing covers are a great place to start.


A Lightweight Nursing Cover That Can Be Worn 10 Ways

Kiddo Care Nursing Cover, $12, Amazon

Made from lightweight cotton that isn't so sheer that it defeats its purpose, this infinity nursing cover can be worn and repurposed 10 ways. It can be used as a traditional nursing cover, car seat cover, baby carrier cover, sun shade, swaddle blanket, baby blanket, burp cloth, shawl, and even a halter top. The possibilities are endless — and reviewers confirm they wear it with and without a baby.


A Nursing Cover That Has A Built-In Burp Cloth For Convenience

Arrow Nursing Cover With Built-In Burp Cloth, $23, Amazon

This breathable cotton nursing cover has a large built-in burp cloth on the shoulder that makes it a breeze to transition between feeding and burping your baby. It features a rigid neckline that lets you maintain eye contact with baby during a feeding, and each cover comes with a free matching carrying pouch.


A Stretchy, Stylish Nursing Cover That Keeps Baby Cool In Warmer Temperatures

Qaqadu Nursing Cover, $20, Amazon

The heat and humidity won't keep you from using this stylish, stretchy nursing cover, which is made from lightweight BPA-free material. It can be repurposed in tons of ways, including as a changing table cover.


A Nursing Cover That Can Be Used With A Breast Pump

IntiMom Breastfeeding Nursing Cover, $15, Amazon

Yes, you want a comfortable nursing cover that can protect baby from the elements, but what about a cover you can use while pumping at work so that you don't have to stand in a bathroom stall (ugh)? This cover is long, wide, and has Apron Udder Covers that let you freely pump anywhere without anyone having to know about it. It's made from 100 percent cotton and has an adjustable neck strap that lets you keep eye contact with baby.


A Sweet, Highly Rated Polka Dot Nursing Cover In A Stretchy Fabric

Sprout 'n Smiles Nursing Cover, $19, Amazon

When you're breastfeeding in public but wouldn't mind looking cute and stylish, this stretch polka dot nursing cover is the scarf you always wanted and the multitasking baby product you need. Convert it to use on your baby carrier, grocery cart, high chair, and more.


A Cotton Nursing Cover With An Open Neckline For Safe Feedings

Bebe au Lait Premium Nursing Cover, $22, Amazon

If your one worry about nursing covers is that they can block baby's airways, this 100 percent cotton cover should ease your fears. It features an open neckline that allows you to peek inside and ensures there's enough breathing room for your little one. There are two internal terry cloths inside the cover to keep baby clean, as well as pockets for storage.


A 360-Degree Poncho Style Nursing Cover That Offers A Great Deal Of Room

EN Baby Full Coverage Nursing Cover, $34, Amazon

A 360-degree poncho style nursing cover that offers the most privacy possible, this breathable cotton cover is made to accommodate your growing baby. It doesn't require an adjustable strap, comes with a storage pouch, and is made from a soft, breathable combination of cotton and spandex. Reviewers say this is the perfect cover for plus size moms and moms of babies who are wigglers. No matter how they move, you'll stay covered.


An Eco-Friendly & Affordable Nursing Cover Made With Organic Cotton

Wsky Nursing Cover, $13, Amazon

An eco-friendly nursing cover doesn't have to cost a fortune. This affordable cover is made from 100 percent organic cotton and features stainless steel d-rings and a fully adjustable neckline. Use it to nurse, over a breast pump, and to cover your car seat and stroller. Reviewers say its breathable, lightweight, and covers well.

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