Add This Cute "Baby Shark" Sound Book To Your List Of Impossible-Things-To-Get

The "Baby Shark" phenomenon is going strong and the company who produced the beloved video, Pinkfong, has another themed product that your kid will flip for. With all the love "Baby Shark" is getting right now, it's no wonder Amazon is filled tons of merch from books to bath toys and even plush cuddly toys. If you're looking for another winning present to give your kid this holiday season, the "Baby Shark" sound book needs to be on your list for so many reasons.

One of the most enjoyable things about "Baby Shark" for little kids is the interactive nature of the song and the dance moves. With this book, your child can interact with the fun sing-along in another way — by pushing buttons, something literally every child loves to do. Not only that, but each button features a new sing-along song, giving your child 10 new tunes to enjoy, dance to, and of course, sing along with.

The book also features an easy-to-hold sidebar and buttons perfect for tiny fingers to press. All you need to get them started is two AA batteries that are securely placed inside the cover keeping kids safe while enjoying their favorite songs. With batteries safely in place, your child can enjoy 10 sing-along songs that keep them entertained for hours as well as help them learn their letters and numbers with songs like, "Shark ABC", "Shark 123", and "S-H-A-R-K". Of course parents have the ability to turn music on and off as desired so your child can enjoy the book in silence, because let's be honest, us parents can only take so much Baby Shark, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo.

With a 4.5 star review on Amazon, you know this book will be an instant favorite on Christmas morning, or any day to be totally honest. But if you want this item without paying an arm and a leg, well, good luck. The "Baby Shark" fandom is real, so it's no surprise that the book is only sold by third party sellers at the time of this posting for a high price tag of $90. Yes, seriously. Amazon doesn't list the original price, but this similar-looking book from Pinkfong is listed at $20, so you can probably assume it was in that ballpark.

This sing-a-long book is also good for early readers or if you just want to develop your child's interest in reading. With a large font and bold words that stand out, your child can follow the lyrics to the song. Or perhaps an older sibling would feel excited to read them their favorite book with easy to read lettering.

As parents, we all want Christmas to be extra special for our kids and watching their faces when they see all their favorites on Christmas morning is priceless. If you have a little "Baby Shark" fan at home, be sure to check out this fun sing-along book before you finish your Christmas shopping. But act quick because, this adorable singing ocean animal is all the rage this season.

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