You Guys, This Magical Product Claims To Get Your Baby To Sleep In 10 Minutes Or Less

For many parents, trying to get their new babies to sleep and stay asleep for long(ish) increments throughout the night is beyond exhausting. And how frustrating is it when your baby is fed, changed, and burped, but you’re in a constant state of “What do you want from me,” while they continue to cry and cry no matter what time of day it is? It’s guaranteed that most other families have dealt with this issue before, and one particular frustrated family out of Texas designed the Baby Shusher to save your voice and get your baby to sleep.

The Zunker family tried anything and everything to help soothe their baby girl when she was constantly crying and fussing — especially when it was bedtime. After watching a DVD from a professional doctor who suggested rhythmic shushing, they were overjoyed with how well it worked for their daughter. Unfortunately, the amount of stamina and airflow it required to get the baby to stay calm and asleep was almost impossible for mom, so the dad, who had enough airflow, decided to make a recording of his shushing and played it for the baby. Success! And thus, The Baby Shusher was born, according to the product's website. The Zunkers likened the shushing method to a snake charmer on an angry viper — and they definitely aren’t wrong.

So how does this magical baby soothing machine work? The product’s website explained that the Baby Shusher is “...designed to break a baby’s crying cycle and help them engage their natural calming reflex.” And you can use it anywhere but near water, as it’s an electrical device. It can be used as soon as the first day of your newborn’s life, all the way up until they’re 9 months old, and it’s supposed to be used after the baby has been changed, fed, and burped to ensure those aren't any reasons for why they’re crying. By placing the device no more than 2 feet away from your baby, and turning it up loud enough so they can hear it over their crying, the website claims it should only take up to 10 minutes tops for it to work. For some babies, it works in mere seconds. Ahh, can you imagine?

Why this particular sound and frequency? According to the website, while your baby was in utero, they'd hear sounds of blood flow and other noises for 24 hours a day "in sounds up to 95 dB." So your baby will be soothed by a calm and familiar noise. And even though it may seem loud, don't worry, it won't hurt your baby's ears, as this device only goes to 85 dB.

Even better, you don't have to stand there with the monitor to ensure it keeps playing. There is a timer option available for 15 or 30 minutes, giving you full control.

The website noted that it's highly recommended you use the Baby Shusher with other calming methods, such as a swaddle, even though the product "has been proven to work on its own thousands of times, it is always a good idea to use every available method to help soothe your crying baby." In addition to the Baby Shusher itself, you can also buy a collection gift set that has swaddle blankets and BPA-free pacifiers.

And parents on Amazon are absolutely loving this product, too, as you can see in the reviews — it's even the number one best seller for "baby sleep soothers." The Baby Shusher has been touted by verified purchasers as "life-changing," "a must," "magical," "a miracle baby product," and "amazing," to name a few. One reviewer said, "I never thought this would work... but it saved my life." Pretty powerful statement there, don't you think? It even helped one mother with a "very difficult newborn who may be colicky, according to pediatrician."

If you're ready for some good sleep and maybe even some peace and quiet during the day with your baby, the Baby Shusher alone is $35 – money well spent for some calm and peace in the house, right? You can purchase the Baby Shusher on the product's website, at Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, or Amazon. Good luck, and hopefully happy and calm babies are in your future.

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