'The Bachelor' Or Iowa Caucuses? The Funniest Tweets About The Double Booking

The world was faced with a true Sophie's choice on Monday, Feb 2. — to watch The Bachelor or the Iowa Caucuses? On the one hand, you have several grown-ass women insulting each other in hopes of winning the love of a man. On the other hand, you have several grown-ass men insulting each other in hopes of winning the love of America. Actually, come to think of it, they are pretty much the same thing minus a few roses and hot tub make out sessions (not that we'd want to see that from Trump and Cruz.)

Though it's rare for roses and politics to collide, they did due to a scheduling oversight. (Seriously, who schedules a caucus on #BachelorMondays?). At first fans of the show were pretty peeved to see that The Bachelor was delayed due to the Iowa Caucuses. But once they got past the initial shock of seeing George Stephanopoulos instead of bachelor Ben Higgins and, they were able to come up with some pretty great tweets. Even the political enthusiasts were able to take a break from the Republican madness to to offer some humorous commentary on what may have been the best double booking of all time. Whether you were #TeamBachelor or #TeamIowa, there was plenty of love going around on social media.