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Celebrate V-Day With These 'Bachelor' Memes

The bad news for fans of The Bachelor: if you're sitting at home on your couch fanning out over a particular season's Bachelor, it's already too late for you to find love with him. (Unless, of course, he suffers a post-season breakup and then you show up in his hometown to make your dreams come true. Do you.) But the good news is that there are The Bachelor memes for Valentine's Day to help suit every era of Bachelor fandom! Are you a Ben Higgins fan? There's a meme for that! Was notoriously awful Bachelor Juan Pablo your dream man? Probably reevaluate your partner criteria, but also there's a meme for that, too!

Or, if you've always found more solidarity with The Bachelor's villains than with its actual Bachelors, you can always share a meme prominently displaying, say, Ashley Iaconetti's luxurious, tear-soaked lashes to get your point across. Also, for those who prefer love from sources who can't talk (yet), never underestimate the power of a cute baby or a cute puppy offering up a single red rose to become a viral sensation. So go ahead and snatch up these memes to share with your fellow Bachelor Nation citizens. They'll thank you for it.

1. Ben Memes

As the most recent Bachelor, Ben naturally gets the most love from Valentine's memes.

"Let's be unlovable together" is a little harsh on poor Ben, but honestly, it would also feel very refreshing to receive in earnest.

And who could forget poor Olivia, abandoned on an island in the middle of a hurricane from Ben's season? RT if this is an accurate depiction of your current romantic status.

If you've always been a little...ambitious in the pursuit of love, then this is the perfect Valentine for you.

2. Other Seasons' Bachelors & Villains

Whether Ashley's crying spells or Sean Lowe's ridiculously shredded body do it for you, there are a smattering of non-Ben Bachelor Valentines out there, too.

3. Non-Specific Bachelor Memes

If the person in your life is better than any current or past Bachelor or contestant, then you could always share one of these Bachelor-themed memes that isn't tied to any particular cast member.

Get you a man who knows pepperoni roses are better than real flowers.

Who wouldn't love a The Bachelor/Golden Girls crossover?

We have the Bachelor Interns to thank for this gem.

While romantic relationships aren't right for all people all the time, may everyone find a connection this Valentine's Day that feels as strong as Josh's connection with pizza.