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10 Black Friday Stroller Deals You Don't Want To Miss

Counting down the minutes to holiday shopping yet? You can feel the excitement building as the circulars fill our mail slots, the ads dazzle our TV viewing and Internet browsing, and the traffic builds on the highway. (Well, maybe that part isn't so exciting.) But if you're a parent of young children, or expecting, or have someone on your gift list who is, you'll want to pay special attention to the Black Friday deals on strollers that are too good to pass up.

As any seasoned parent knows, having a good stroller can mean the difference between getting from place to place quickly and wanting to dissolve into a puddle of frustrated tears because your kid-mover refuses to fold up properly, or is too wide to maneuver around store aisles, or is about to throw a wheel. Depending on your lifestyle, you may even want to have more than one stroller handy: a sturdy bells-and-whistles model that can withstand heavy use, and a lightweight no-frills umbrella unit that you can pull out for quick runs to the store or a zip through the airport.

Happily, with the bargains being offered this holiday weekend, you should be able to find room in your budget for the stroller (or strollers) you need to make your life as a parent that much simpler. Or, if you're hoping for some generous gifts at your baby shower, you might drop a hint or two to the folks who might be doing some shopping for you in the next couple of days. ("Um, I hear that Amazon is having some pretty nice Black Friday sales on stroller travel systems, and there's one that we kind of have our eye on, if anyone's asking...?")

Whatever your situation or needs — a top-of-the-line infant model fit for even Meghan Markle, or a sit-and-stand stroller that can accommodate an older and younger sibling, or a zippy three-wheeler for a morning jog around the park — you should be able to find it when you make your Black Friday rounds. It might even make up for waking up earlier than the average 6-month-old baby.


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