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13 Best Desks For Homeschooling That Are Worth The Investment

It will come as breaking news to no one that the 2020/21 school year is going to look wildly different than usual. Some kids are going to school in-person, others are on a hybrid plan where they’ll be in the classroom just two days a week, while other school districts have opted to instruct via distance learning. And all of that could change at given any moment. Naturally, many parents are realizing that setting up a home learning space will be something of a requirement this year so take a page out of the homeschooler’s notebook and buy one of these homeschool desks.

After researching a variety of homeschool blogs, it’s clear there are key elements you’ll want to consider before hitting purchase. Namely, size, sturdiness, and that they're easy to clean.

You won’t get far on lessons if your child’s chair wobbles each time they try to write their name or their pencil easily graffiti’s their homework station. Fortunately, many furniture brands have spent ages developing children’s desks to avoid these very pitfalls.

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Leave it to IKEA to have a super simple, affordable kids desk that also has the benefit of an attachable hutch. Way better than working at the kitchen table, this option is small enough to squeeze into a child's room (it's just 23 inches in width) but spacious enough to hold their pencils, computer, and a few books.


The Surf Portable Lap Desk

We realize this might not solve all of your desk woes, but it is a clever alternative to the traditional seat option. And since kids will be spending so much distance learning time on a computer, this could be a great option for certain pupils who can stay still in a chair.


Lipper International Child's Rectangular Table with Shelves and 2 Chairs

For families with more than one child, prepping for homeschooling can feel especially overwhelming. This two seater desk (that comes with chairs) solves the "where to study?" problem and offers extra storage space with built in cubbies.


Pottery Barn Morgan Leaning Wall Desk

Older kids have more books and gear to deal with not to mention they're just bigger. This desk from Pottery Barn takes care of all of the above with the addition of a cork board to allow them to post flashcards or spelling words for review.


Furniture of America School Bus Child Desk

Who says homeschooling can't be fun? This playful school bus desk is a reminder that learning is supposed to be a joy, even if it's happening in your living room and not a classroom. Designed for ages five to 12 it comes with a backless stool and weighs 65 pounds.


Crate & Barrel Nesting Charcoal and Grey Play Table, Chairs, and Acrylic Mat Set

Part desk, part craft storage unit, this clever desk from Crate and Barrel seats two and tucks everything away when lessons are down with stools that nest underneath. But maybe the best part about this desk is the acrylic desk it comes with that is scratch proof so kids can color to their heart's content.


Berries® Adjustable Height Horseshoe Activity Table

What a kindergartner needs in a desk and what a 9th grader needs are two very different things. That's why we love this horseshoe shaped desk for little learners. Designed to sit more than one child, it allows the instructor (psst. that'd be you!) to sit in the middle and help everyone without each kid vying for your attention.


Soft Secco Child's Desk W/Lamp with Tilt Desktop

Basically the pocketknife of desks, this item from Amazon has a tilting desk, detachable LED lights, a cup holder, and a book holder so they can work hands-free. All constructed on a sturdy it also has an anti-pinch design to avoid any ouchies when adjusting it.


Jonti-Craft® 49.5" W Computer Desk

For many parents, one of the biggest stressors of homeschooling is keeping eyes on multiple children at once. Stress no more with this Jonti-Craft desk that allows kids to sit face to face for all of their school work.


School Outfitters Cubby Table w/ 12 Clear Trays

Want a great homeschool desk? Use a site that educators shop from. This Baltic Birch plywood Cubby Table not only hides messy projects in built-in shelves, it comes with 12 clear storage bins. Kids can sit or stand around the space which is a generous 36 inches in width.


Pamono Mid-Century School Desk, 1950s

If your desk shopping has you saying "they don't make 'em like they used to" think again. This vintage 1950s school desk is classic and adorable. Sadly, there is only one available but its just so charming, I had to include it. To the victor go the spoils.


KidsFit Kinesthetic Desk

If you're worried about your child missing recess this year due to virtual learning, this Kinesthetic bike and desk in one might be an (albeit expensive) option. The desk and seat are adjustable so more than one child can use this. And most importantly: it ships pre-assembled.


Prepac Designer Floating Desk and Hutch Set in White

To optimize floor space, this floating desk is a great alternative. Perfect for an apartment, you just need someone a bit handy to install the desk and cupboards and your kid is ready for action.