The Best Instant Pot Brunch Recipes For A Scrumptious New Year's Day

If you're from the South, you know every New Year's Day it's a given that you'll have to eat collards, black eyed peas, and pork roast. Why? To be blessed with lots of money this year (green collards), lots of luck (black eyed peas), and good health (pork roast). And it wasn't for a long time until I realized not everyone around the U.S. did this every New Year's Day. Not Southern? You should check out some other best Instant Pot Recipes for New Year's Day brunch since you're not obliged from the womb to eat collards, black eyed peas, and pork roast on New Year's Day like us Southern children are. You know what? These are so good, you should try them even if you are Southern — just don't tell Memaw and "your Mama n' them." Bless your hearts.

Nothing beats a good brunch, especially if you're hungover from too much champagne and celebrating the night before, right? And most people like to imbibe a little too much on New Year's Eve. Traditionally, of course. What cures New Year's Eve hangovers? Brunch filled with cheesy grits, sticky buns, breakfast casseroles, and sausage and bacon. Hey, you'll still have good health this year if you make one of these casseroles, since they're pork, right? What's best about these recipes is you basically dump them in the Instant Pot and go — because who needs to fuss with elaborate recipes when you're hungover anyway, right? Or at the very least, tired because you actually stayed up until midnight like the other whippersnappers.


"Pressure Cooker Southern Style Grits " By This Old Gal

Speaking of southern food, grits is right up there at the top of the list. And this easy, cheesy, and filling grits recipe will be perfect for settling your unsettled stomach after a night out (or in).

To really make traditional and delicious grits, you normally have to be over a hot stove stirring for 45 minutes, but not so with this southern style cheesy grits recipe by This Old Gal. Plus, this uses stone-ground grits, none of that quaker guy stuff. Perfection.


"Instant Pot Breakfast Casserole" By The Typical Mom

The Typical Mom blogger provided three different variations of instant pot breakfast casseroles in her blog post, but personally, I think the breakfast bundt cake made with refrigerated biscuits, eggs, your choice of breakfast meat and seasonings sounds the most ah-maz-ing.


"3-2-1 Dip" By Averie Cooks

Not feeling a full breakfast on New Year's Day, but still want something quick, easy, and savory? this 3-2-1 dip by Averie Cooks just might be the ticket. With cream cheese, rotel and Italian sausage, you can't go wrong if you make this deliciously cheesy dip.


"Instant Pot Broccoli and Cheese Soup" By Well Plated By Erin

Since brunch consists of breakfast and lunch foods, hence, "brunch," this Instant Pot broccoli and cheese soup by Well Plated By Erin will definitely hit the spot if eggs and breakfast meat won't do. With this comfort food in a bowl — which is also packed with hidden veggies — your belly will thank you for the nourishment, starting the new year off right.


"Instant Pot Sausage Breakfast Casserole" By A Mind"Full" Mom

Nothing says New Year's Day brunch like breakfast casserole. And this Instant Pot breakfast casserole recipe by A Mind"Full" Mom includes my favorite breakfast food: hash browns. And in only ten minutes, you'll have a delicious breakfast casserole — with hash browns — for you to munch on and savor. What a great way to start the new year, right?


"Instant Pot Breakfast Tacos" By It's A Mother Thing

And the mother of all brunch food: breakfast tacos. Who doesn't like breakfast tacos? Monsters. That's who. This Instant Pot breakfast tacos recipe by It's A Mother Thing does not disappoint, and it's all easily made in your Instant Pot. The savory, spicy goodness will have your belly thanking you for starting the new year off right.


"Instant Pot Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili" By The Skinny Pig

Another recipe for the folks who are craving more lunch food than breakfast food for their brunch, The Skinny Pig author Darla says this Instant Pot and sweet potato black bean chili recipe has meat in it, so don't be fooled by the name. With ground turkey and ground beef, this lunchy brunch recipe will definitely hit the spot.


"Pressure Cooker Ramen Noodle Soup" By Steamy Kitchen

When I used to have hangovers (before I had a baby), nothing would cure it quite like the delicious broth of Pho. And this pressure cooker ramen noodle soup recipe by Steamy Kitchen has my mouth watering already. Some of the ingredients may be tricky to find depending on where you live, but if you have a great farmer's market or Chinese/Vietnamese grocery store nearby, you're golden.


"The Best Cinnamon Roll French Toast" By Princess Pinky

It just wouldn't be brunch without French toast, am I right? And this cinnamon roll French toast recipe by Princess Pinky takes French toast to the next delicious level by making it into a casserole right in your Instant Pot.


"Healthy Instant Pot Steel Cut Oatmeal" By Oatmeal With A Fork

Are you a "Yankee" and grits aren't your cup of tea? This hearty and healthy instant pot steel cut oatmeal by Oatmeal with a Fork may be right up your alley for New Year's Day brunch. Plus, it's easy and super customizable for everyone — perfect for when you just don't have it in you to turn on your oven or do anything elaborate.

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