The Best Moments From Mindy Kaling's Reddit AMA

Mindy Kaling is everything — and everywhere — these days. Today Kaling did a Reddit Ask Me Anything and opened up about her body image, ideal dinner party gifts, dream roles on all of our favorite shows, and how much she loves Aziz Ansari’s new show Masters of None. Mindy Kaling is a straight up star these days. The Mindy Project continues to be a hit on Hulu, her book Why Not Me is on the New York Times bestseller list, and it looks like she’s going to be on the Muppet Show’s holiday special. Celebs can never tell what they’re going to get into when they do a reddit AMA and Mindy’s fans jumped all over the place from super personal questions to super fan girl raves. 

Here were some of the best questions and answers from today’s AMA:

Her Worst Date Ever

The worst date I've ever been on was with a guy who I was super excited about, really attracted to, and then on the date it became apparent that it WASN'T a date. He was just a straight dude who was psyched to have dinner with me in a platonic way. He talked about an actress he really wanted to date and we split the check. Thus is dating in Los Angeles.

She Wants To Be On 'Broad City'

I love Ilana and Abbi. Nothing would make me happier than if Mindy was their gynecologist. Like, they found her on a Groupon.

A Fan Said She Was Going Through It & Mindy Totally Got It

My teens and twenties were really challenging. TV and film wasnt like it is now, where you could turn on the TV and there's a reasonable expectation that you could see people that bore resemblance to me. So I had to dream in a vacuum. I was never, ever, ever skinny, and therefore never considered "pretty", even though I loved clothes and makeup and dressing up. That was really hard in middle school and high school. I was always comforted by this strange little fire inside of me that when I got older things would not be like that. Some comfort, huh? It should be noted that I was a very focused, odd kid. I hope this was helpful! And I hope you get everything you want.

She Wants To Meet Her Husband In An Airport

I secretly think I will meet my husband at O'Hare airport. My dream is to do an event there for the book and bring Ike Barinholtz with me and then eat at various Chicago hotspots until we die. Our bloated bodies will wash ashore of Lake Michigan.

Her Fave 'Masters Of None' Episode

The second one, with Aziz's real parents is probably my favorite. I love those two people so much. Also, Aziz interacting with them makes me fall in love with him a little. Like when he programmed his dad's iPad for him. Swoon.

Her Favorite Disney Princess Is Not A Princess

I am no princess. I am Ursula the Sea Witch.

Bring This Woman Some Hot Sauce

And a burrito. Kaling said that her fave hot sauce right now is Cholula. But her ideal burrito? 

Ideal burrito: scrambled egg whites, melted cheese, black beans, sour cream, guacamole. NO RICE. NO RICE IN BURRITOS EVER!

Seriously, who needs rice when Mindy Kaling is all that and more? 

Image: Angela Weiss/Getty; Giphy (5)