The Best Places To Trick-Or-Treat In Chicago (The Windy City Does It Up Right)

Let's all just admit it: trick-or-treating is the most important part of Halloween, especially if you'll be with kids (your own or someone else's) on Oct. 31. The good news is, if you live in Chicago, there are tons of great trick-or-treating spots that'll mean festive fun for the whole family. (Yes, including you. Don't forget your costume and treat bag either.) Though it's still a little ways away, if you're already making your Halloween plans, you need to know the best places to trick-or-treat in Chicago. Chicago is a big city made up of a ton of distinct neighborhoods, many of which do their own thing as far as holidays are concerned, which means you have choices beyond just going door-to-door in your own neighborhood.

Whether you're going to stay close to home, venture out into the suburbs, trick-or-treat at businesses, or trick-or-treat at homes, participate in big Halloween events, or do something more informal, you have a near-endless number of options that'll get everyone excited for one of fall's biggest days. Grab your costume, your Ventra Card, and, of course, something to hold your candy, and get ready for some of the best trick-or-treating spots that Chicago has to offer.


Roscoe Village

Each year, Roscoe Village, on the city's north side, hosts a neighborhood Halloween parade featuring, of course, a parade, but also food trucks, costume contests, photo booths, and more. The parade often falls before Halloween, meaning you get to try out your costume and do a little trick-or-treating before the big day. It also gives you the opportunity to explore another neighborhood or stay close to home on Halloween, which can be nice on a night that can get a little bit chaotic.


Ravenswood Manor

If you're looking for a historic, residential neighborhood for trick-or-treating this year, look no further than Ravenswood Manor. The neighborhood — a historic district — sits nestled alongside the Chicago River. It came in as the best place to trick-or-treat on Zillow's annual ranking of best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating in 2015, according to DNAinfo Chicago.


Spooky Zoo Spectacular

This year, head to Lincoln Park Zoo's annual Spooky Zoo Spectacular, taking place the Saturday before Halloween. It's free to attend and features all kinds of fun Halloween-themed activities. If you're looking for something that's not too scary for the little ones, this might be the event for you.


Hyde Park

If you're looking for a neighborhood farther south, try the ever-popular Hyde Park neighborhood, where trick-or-treaters pack Harper Avenue between 57th and 59th Streets. According to the local CBS affiliate, that particular part of Hyde Park goes all-out with its Halloween celebrations and decorations. If you're coming from somewhere else to visit on Halloween, Hyde Park (and nearby University of Chicago) are accessible by the L.



When you think about Chicago neighborhoods that are prime for trick-or-treating, you might not think Northcenter, but you probably should. The very family-friendly neighborhood (which is also the home of local brewery, Half Acre) does it up right for Halloween, hosting an annual trick-or-treating event that goes down Lincoln Avenue and a costume contest. Plus, after you're done with the kids' Halloween stuff, you can swing by Half Acre. Win-win.


The 606's 'Boo'mingdale Trail

If the weather's especially nice, head to The 606 for trick-or-treating along the Bloomingdale Trail (or BOOmingdale Trail as it'll be known that day). There will be Halloween bags with treats as well as some seasonal fun with participating community partners. Since The 606 is conveniently tucked into neighborhoods, trick-or-treat along the trail and then through the surrounding neighborhoods on your way home.



Spend the evening before Halloween trick-or-treating in Lakeview at Trick or Treat on Southport. The event is free to attend and includes trick or treating at area businesses plus a beer garden, pumpkin patch, pet parade, and costume contest. Fun for all ages.

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