6 Of The Best Sex Positions For Scorpios

Astrology fans know that each sign of the Zodiac has its own personality strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. That individuality extends to all areas of life, from work to food to parenting to love. So it's not surprising that astrologers recommend different sexual positions for each sun sign — and the best sex positions for Scorpios are ones that perfectly suit this sensual sign.

As astrologers will explain, each Zodiac sign governs a particular part of the body, and for Scorpios that happens to be the pelvic area, according to YourTango. For that reason, folks born between October 23 and November 21 are pretty much libido machines who are up for lovemaking anytime and anywhere. They're also adventurous when it comes to sex, so don't worry about shocking a Scorpio with a suggestion that might turn off a more reserved Zodiac sign.

At the same time, according to the AstroTwins, Scorpios tend to be guarded about their feelings. They're vulnerable only with the people they trust, and woe to anyone who betrays that trust. (You don't want to be on the receiving end of a Scorpio's fury.) But when a Scorpion-born finds a true intimate partner, the result is nothing short of mind-blowing, both in and out of bed.

Whether you're a Scorpio yourself or have a partner who is, the following sex positions will keep life exciting for both of you.

Rear Spooning

In this variant of the classic side-by-side position, you lie face-down with your rear slightly raised, while your partner lies on top of you and enters you from behind. This position, according to, appeals to the secretive nature of Scorpios because you can't see each other's faces.

Ball Bouncing

Who needs a bed, right? Scorpios will be thrilled by the idea of having sex on an exercise ball, according to YourTango. Have your partner sit on the ball first, then face away from them as you sit down and position them inside you. Then bounce away! You may want to go slowly at first, though, and until you figure out how to keep your balance.

Anal Missionary

If you're a Scorpio you're game for just about anything, so anal sex isn't taboo for you. If you're new to anal play, Refinery29 suggested starting in the missionary position, lying on your back with your legs up, while your partner enters you at a penetration angle that's comfortable for you.

Anything Involving Handcuffs

A Scorpio loves both passion and power, so role-playing, bondage, and dominatrix sex play appeal to this sign, according to Self. As long as both partners honor the agreed-upon rules and boundaries, adding some kink to the bedroom can keep the relationship spicy and intimate.

Wheelbarrow Style

Adventurous Scorpios will enjoy the combination of power and excitement this position provides, according to PopSugar. While your partner sits at the edge of the bed, you face away from them and place your legs around your back while holding yourself up by your arms, as if you were in a wheelbarrow race.

Shower Stand-Up

Like Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio is a water sign, and people born under the Scorpion are energized around the beach, pool, or any type of water. With that in mind, the blog Zodiac Realm 7 recommended that Scorpios try some lovemaking in the shower. While you stand with your arms braced against the wall (or on the floor, depending on your flexibility level), your partner can enter from behind, with the cascading water adding an extra level of sensory pleasure.

No matter which position(s) you prefer, the key to a successful relationship with a Scorpio is trust, intimacy, and open-mindedness. Put those together with an active sex life, and both you and your partner will enjoy a long and happy life together.