The Best Shows For Preschoolers On Hulu To Stream For Your Little Ones

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There are a lot of holidays coming up from preschool, folks, between Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, and winter break. So you'd better be prepared with a list of things to kill a couple hours... so, uh, screen time anyone? Oh, I think so. Now, you might say you'll resist the siren song of the tube, but with kids home all day, you'll weaken. I guarantee it. Here are the best shows for preschoolers on Hulu for little ones to stream, since you'll eventually run out of crafting and baking ideas.

Luckily, the streaming platform has some seriously age-appropriate options, as Common Sense Media recently outlined. Parents will also be thrilled to find that Hulu's kid content is organized by age group, which helps narrow down the choices. It's also worth noting that there is plenty of fun for the whole family on Hulu thanks to the vast selection of movies, television shows, and originals. But when it comes down to it, these kid-friendly TV shows will please the youngest members of your household when you really just need a second to yourself.

And remember: that's okay.

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