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The Best Wedding Guest Dresses For New Moms, That Are Royal Wedding-Worthy

Being invited to a wedding when you're a new mom is always tricky business. First of all, there's the whole thing about finding a sitter (maybe even for the first time ever). Then there's the question of pumping (and dumping?) and how long you can go without breastfeeding before the front of your dress is soaked in milk. (Or wait, maybe you should just bring the baby? Is that allowed?) Most of all, though, you're probably stumped about what to wear. What are the best dresses for new mom wedding guests?

Chances are, you're not quite ready to fit into your pre-baby go-to wedding wear just yet. And even if you are, that particular dress might not accommodate nursing (and/or leaking). Or maybe it's just not all that comfortable and you simply cannot take one more moment of discomfort after the nine months of pregnancy you just endured. Maybe you decided you're bringing the baby to the wedding after all and the main concern is finding a print that will hide spit-up stains. Whatever the case, if you've got a wedding coming up and a new baby, you probably need a new dress.

Of course, the perfect dress for a particular occasion is hard to find even when you didn't just pop out a human being a month or two ago. But don't worry: There are definitely dresses out there that are easy to wear and don't scream "This is actually a maternity dress can you tell?!" to everybody you see. Yet another bonus? You'll be able to get multiple uses out of these dresses, as most of them are the kind of garment that can work with your body at almost any phase. (Too bad the bridesmaids probably can't say the same.)

Black Woven Printed Nursing Dress

Black Woven Printed Nursing Dress



From the maternity and nursing line Séraphine (worn by none other than the Duchess of Cambridge herself!), this wrap dress is soft, crease-resistant, and features a hidden button at the front which opens up for easy nursing access. Plus, it's super cute.

Pleated Midi Dress

Boohoo Pleated Midi Dress



Not technically a maternity or nursing dress but still easy and breezy (with a V-neck just in case), this swingy dress has "summer wedding" written all over it.

Printed Ivory Sleeveless Nursing Dress

The Mila Dress



Light and lovely with a batik-inspired floral print (and those all-important buttons up the front that make nursing so, so much easier), this will keep you feeling chill no matter what your postpartum hormones are up to.

Lace Nursing Dress

MAMA Lace Nursing Dress



Not only will this sexy little lace number from H&M's maternity/nursing line feel great to slip into after months of oversized clothing, but the neckline and "inner top" are designed to (you guessed it!) make nursing easier.

Wrapped Maxi Dress

Josephine Wrapped Maxi Dress



Ethereal and allowing for plenty of movement, this dress wasn't designed specifically for new moms but it's certainly got all the necessary components: Low cut V-neck for easy nursing/pumping, loose fit, pretty print (that last part isn't necessary, but it's nice).

Nursing Wrap Dress

Nursing Wrap Dress


Rosie Pope

Available in three colors, all of which hide baby-related stains nicely (burgundy, black, and heather grey), this soft jersey dress has a deep V-neck and wrap panels that can be wrapped and tied/untied to reveal a pull-down nursing panel.

Cap Sleeve Dress

Cap Sleeve Ruched Mini Dress



Currently marked down from $80, this incredibly comfortable-looking dress won't be the kind of constricting garment you're dying to rip off at the end of the night. Plus, it's super versatile: You could wear this to a wedding, but you could also wear it to the pediatrician's office, the grocery store, the park (you know, the only other places you go).

Cactus Flower Mini Dress

Cactus Flower Mini Dress


Free People

This dress looks so easy-to-wear, the bride herself will no doubt be secretly seething with jealousy from underneath her corset and tulle.

V-Neck Fit & Flare Dress

V-Neck Fit & Flare Dress


Banana Republic

There are lots of things to love about this dress if you're a new mom, but the fact that it's made out of stretchy, wrinkle-resistant neoprene fabric is at the top of the list for sure.

Easy Wrap Seventies Floral Dress

Easy Wrap Seventies Floral Dress


J. Crew

Part of J. Crew's Mercantile line, this dress is currently marked down from its original price of $128 and has some awesome retro summer vibes going (especially paired with platform sandals!).