The Burger King Order For A Better Milk Supply

I'm just going to admit it right here — Burger King is one of my guilty pleasures. And even though I try to stay committed to a healthier diet, I can't help but indulge once in a while. For breastfeeding moms, the topic of what you're eating can come up regularly. Whether you're hoping a food will help increase your milk supply or trying to keep up your energy to nurse, what you have for dinner sometimes matters. So what if you knew the Burger King order that could increase your milk supply and fulfill your favorite craving? I mean, day made, right?

Here's the thing to remember though — there is no magic food that cures your low milk supply. According to Kelly Mom, it's important to recognize why you have a low milk supply. If the issue is your baby's latch, there's obviously not going to be a huge increase in milk production just because you ate some food that's supposed to help. But if you combine a galactagogue with more frequent milk removal, whether it's nursing or pumping, you may be able to find something that helps.

Keeping that in mind, there's another thing that could be correlated with low milk supply. According to a study in the journal Birth, mothers with low iron often reported having a low milk supply which lead to giving up breastfeeding early as well as a baby's disinterest in nursing. Anemia is associated with insufficient breast milk and could be an issue for a lot of moms.

So how does that apply to Burger King? Because low iron can cause poor milk supply, it stands to reason that a food high in iron may be just what you need. According to Parents, iron-rich foods, like red meat, can help your low milk supply. (It's worth noting that if you think you have anemia, you should see a doctor to be sure.) And the classic meal from Burger King, a WHOPPER sandwich, has 12.72 grams of iron.

Obviously, a WHOPPER every day won't keep the doctor (or lactation consultant) away, but if you're feeling like Burger King for lunch and want to potentially increase your milk supply, too, it can't hurt to grab the classic off the menu. And hey, who can turn down a hamburger?