The Cast Of 'Paradise Hotel' Includes A Host 'Laguna Beach' Fans Will Remember

The early 2000s are making a comeback and TBH, I'm not sure how I feel about it just yet. Starting May 9 on Fox, Laguna Beach's Kristen Cavallari returns to reality television — but sadly, not as part of The Hills: New Beginnings ensemble. Ironically, Cavallari is checking into a different reality series reboot called Paradise Hotel, which originally ran in the summer of 2003. Although the flagship series only made it to two seasons, the 2019 comeback looks promising with a fresh lineup in the Paradise Hotel cast.

Before we dive in head first, how does Paradise Hotel work? According to Fox, the reality show reboot will follow a group of singles that live together in a luxurious hotel resort. Everyone is competing to see who can stay the longest at the hotel. Each week, one single is voted off and a new guest is brought in. However, to change up the format from the 2003 version, the new Paradise Hotel asks viewers to play along at home to help decide who stays and who goes.

Not going to lie, Paradise Hotel sounds like a lot of different reality shows mixed into one. It's kind of like Survivor meets Bachelor in Paradise meets America's Next Top Model Season 19 when the judges added online voting to the mix. Nonetheless, Paradise Hotel hails from the producers who brought you classics like Jersey Shore, The Bachelor, and Love Island. So it's safe to assume that the team knows what they're doing when it comes to reality television.

Per a press release in Jan. 2019, Rob Wade, President of Alternative Entertainment and Specials at Fox Broadcasting, answered why the network decided to bring back Paradise Hotel.

“Paradise Hotel was a show ahead of its time, and this incredible team of producers plan to take it to the next level," Wade said. "The format allows for a delicious mix of love, drama and humor with a uniquely Fox twist. By using fresh interactive elements, it enables fans to orchestrate the show’s narrative, making it can’t-miss television for a new generation of viewers.”

Meanwhile, executive producer SallyAnn Salsano explained why the team chose to mix multiple reality show formulas together to create Paradise Hotel.

“When love, power and money are the stakes, doing the right thing can sometimes take a back seat," Salsano revealed. "Guessing who will do what’s right to find ‘the one,’ while others are focusing on the jackpot, makes this super exciting."

So who will check in and check out of Paradise Hotel? It's time to meet the first round of your new favorite reality stars.

Hans W.

Drew Herrmann/Fox

From: Utah

Occupation: Model

Instagram: @hansviener

Carlos G.

Drew Herrmann/Fox

From: Cuba

Occupation: Trainer

Instagram: @papisazonfitness

Brittany C.

Drew Herrmann/Fox

From: California

Occupation: Hair Stylist

Instagram: @brittsmiless

Tyler B.

Drew Herrmann/Fox

From: Illinois

Occupation: Stock Broker

Instagram: @tylerberta

Deiondra S.

Drew Herrmann/Fox

From: Texas

Occupation: Hairline Company Owner

Instagram: @deiondrasanders

Mariaelena P.

Drew Herrmann/Fox

From: New York

Occupation: Bartender

Instagram: @mariaelena_perez

David B.

Drew Herrmann/Fox

From: California

Occupation: Medical Student

Instagram: @therealdbart_

Kendall G.

Drew Herrmann/Fox

From: California

Occupation: Yoga Instructor

Instagram: @kendalllmariee

Tatum S.

Drew Herrmann/Fox

From: Arizona

Occupation: Bottle Service Girl

Instagram: @tatumsmithhh

Rosanna C.

Drew Herrmann/Fox

From: Illinois

Occupation: Student

Instagram: @rochacone

Bobby R.

Drew Herrmann/Fox

From: Missouri

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Instagram: @bobrayy

Now that you've met our host and the first group of singles on the Paradise Hotel revival, all you need to do is sit back and wait for the premiere to enrich yourself in all the drama that's bound to come. Don't forget — you get a say in who stays and who goes.

Paradise Hotel premieres May 9 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.