The 'Siesta Key' Cast Already Knew Each Other Before The Show

If you’ve been feeling a hole in your heart where Laguna Beach once was, then maybe it’s time you gave MTV’s Siesta Key a chance. Season 2 premieres on Jan. 22 at 9 p.m. ET, but it's never too late to get to know the cast. And honestly, the cast of Siesta Key is what made Season 1 so much fun to watch. The show opened with a love triangle between Alex, Juliette, and Madisson. But just in case relationship drama isn't your thing, trust and believe that the rest of the 20-something cast rounds things out.

The series started out when Alex’s dad Gary Kompothecras' decided to make a reality show about Alex and his friends. It became an MTV hit reminiscent of Laguna Beach and The Hills, and I am here for it. There's been no confirmation that Siesta Key producers interfere in or embellish situations as was rumored on Laguna Beach, but if they need to re-shoot some scenes every now and then, it's all in the name of entertainment, right?

But whether you already marathon-watched Season 1 or you’re a Siesta Key newbie, you’re going to want to know who’s who on the show, especially since Season 2 is bound to be even more intense than the first.


I guess you could call him the "star" of the show, although if I were him, I’d rather lay low because of all of the drama that seems to find him. In Season 1, it was a love triangle with his high school girlfriend and his summer girlfriend. Now, Alex is trying to juggle a relationship while building his career. More money, more problems, am I right?


According to Instagram, Juliette’s love triangle with Alex is no more. I’m not sure if she and Alex get together during Season 2 or after, but she posted a photo with him about their relationship lasting until the winter.


Madisson moved back home to Siesta Key during Season 1 to live with her dad, but relationship drama pretty much took up her entire storyline. Hopefully, more will be revealed this season about her personal life and how close she seems to be with her family.


If you were keeping up with Brandon's music career last season, it looks like he’s still all about working in the studio and getting high-profile collaborations. I expect his career aspirations to once again get in the way of whatever relationship he has going into Season 2.


Chloe was arguably one of the pot-stirrers from Siesta Key Season 1, but on a show like this, you always have to have that one brazen person unafraid of bringing around someone’s ex to liven things up. She’s back for Season 2, but she seems to have gotten closer to Juliette in the off-season, so maybe they can have each other’s backs.


As a jet-setting model, Kelsey has had her own relationship woes on Siesta Key, but her most important storyline is her relationship with her mother, who has multiple sclerosis.


Garrett is another cast member who seems intent on making out with every woman on the show. He was interested in Kelsey at first and then set his sights on Cara, who he may or may not be with now.


Like Kelsey, Canvas has more going on in her life on Siesta Key than relationship drama. Although to be fair, she has some of that too. Last season, some of the focus was on Canvas rekindling a relationship with her estranged mother. Hopefully, Season 2 will continue to touch on the topic and follow that storyline.


Cara was introduced last season as Alex’s ex-girlfriend, which obviously rubbed Juliette the wrong way. Now that she seems to have moved on, maybe the ladies can bury the hatchet?


Because the women can't have all of the fun on Siesta Key, Jared and Alex had their own issues last season. He’d tried to rekindle his relationship with Madisson while Alex was interested in her, so it was a whole thing.

The best thing about the Siesta Key cast is that they all have such deep history with each other, some more than others. You never know when another skeleton is going to pop out of one of their walk-in closets and shake things up again.