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The Cat Breed You Should Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign, Because There's A Perfect Pet For Everyone

The next time you're ready to adopt a new cat, look to the stars for advice. Because believe it or not, for every individual there's a special cat breed you should get based on your Zodiac sign. Hey, you don't have to be a Leo to appreciate the joy of feline companionship!

Love it or hate it, the Zodiac has been around (in some form) for hundreds of years, and it's been used to determine character traits, love interests, and even career choices. So why not use it to find your next kitty, right? If you can't decide between the many breeds, it might help you narrow the choices a bit.

And cats do come in many different breeds, each of which has its own temperament and traits. From the social and talkative Siamese to the friendly Maine Coon Cat, these breeds all have their own personalities. Chances are, some of these breeds will jive with your own character traits more than others.

To get serious for a second, consider adoption for whatever kind of cat you choose. Check out the purebred cat rescue groups in your area to connect with the kitties who need a new home. If you're not ready to commit to a particular breed or cat at the moment, then look into foster care options. These deserving cats would thank their lucky stars for a chance to live in a caring home.

Aries (March 21 — April 19)


People born between March 21 to April 19 fall under the sign of the ram, and they are fearless go-getters, as noted by Astrostyle. So Aries people need a cat who is just as brave and daring. The tailless Manx cats, which are described as playful and athletic by the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA), may be the perfect feline for this sign.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20)


Born between April 20 to May 20, Taurus people are known for their stable and practical nature, according to Astrology Zodiac Sign. They would likely appreciate the company of an American shorthair cat, which is described as even-tempered and amiable by the CFA.

Gemini (May 21 — June 20)


People born between May 21 to June 20 are Gemini, or the sign of the twin, known for their affectionate and curious nature, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs. Described as affectionate and active by the CFA, the fabulous Balinese cat may make a great companion. Why not get two?

Cancer (June 21 — July 22)


Natural nurturers, people who celebrate a birthday between June 21 to July 22 fall under the sign of the crab, according to Astrostyle. They deserve an equally caring and sweet cat. The unique LaPerm cat, described as affectionate and gentle by the CFA, might make a great friend.

Leo (July 22 — August 23)


It's the cat person's perfect Zodiac sign. The sign of the lion, Leos are natural leaders, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs. The outgoing and vocal Siamese cat, as noted by the CFA, should mesh well with this powerful personality.

Virgo (August 23 — September 22)

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Known as helping caretakers, people born from August 23 to September 22 fall under the sign of the virgin, according to Astrostyle. And with their gentle nature and love for human companionship, as noted by the CFA, sweet Ragdoll cats can be a perfect pal for Virgos.

Libra (September 23 — October 22)


Seekers of harmony and grace, those born from September 23 to October 22 are the sign of the scale, according to Astrostyle. Described as gentle cats who blend well into their families by the CFA, the longhaired Persian cats will elevate any Libra's exquisitely decorated home.

Scorpio (October 23 — November 21)


Passionate and assertive, people born between October 23 to November 21 fall under the sign of the scorpion, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs. The active Abyssinian cat, described as intelligent and good at training people by the CFA, can stand up to the Scorpio's strong personality.

Sagittarius (November 22 — December 21)

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The sign of the archer, those born under the Sagittarius sign are enthusiastic and adventurous. The energetic and sometimes mischievous hairless Sphynx cat may be a great match, as noted by the CFA. They're hardy and unusual cats.

Capricorn (December 22 — January 19)


Responsible and independent, people born between December 22 to January 19 are ruled by the sign of the goat, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs. The American Curl cat, noted for its intelligence and attentiveness by the CFA, should pair well with a Capricorn companion.

Aquarius (January 20 — February 18)


The sign of the water bearer, these open-minded and fair people are born from January 20 to February 18, as noted on Astrostyle. Likewise, the Turkish Van cat is known for its curious and cool nature, and the breed even loves the water, according to the CFA. Basically, they are perfect companions for Aquarius people.

Pisces (February 19 — March 20)


People of the fish sign are known for their compassionate and gentle nature, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs. Also known for being gentle and sensitive by the CFA, adorable Russian Blue cats may be your perfect companion.

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