The Children's Place

Whoa: The Children's Place Memorial Day Sale Includes $3 Graphic Tees & $10 Shorts

Hi. If you're anything like me, a sale at your favorite children's clothing is pretty much the best thing ever. Maybe it's because I'm currently pregnant with my second and loving all of the matching clothes I can find for this baby and her big sister, or maybe it's just that shopping for someone who doesn't know what skinny jeans are is totally refreshing. Either way, I'm pumped for The Children's Place Memorial Day 2018 sale, and honestly, you should be, too.

Even if you're not super stoked to just buy your kids some new clothes, there's a good chance that the end of the school year has you looking at their closet like, "What the heck do they wear now?" At least that's been my experience. My 3-year-old's closet is 90 percent full of fall and winter clothes, and she now has like three pairs of shorts, and a few too-small tops. The pickings are slim, and before I drop a fortune on brand new "school clothes" that will be covered in finger paint and peanut butter and jelly smears as soon as she puts them on, I need to get her some stuff to rock this summer. Luckily, The Children's Place is making it super easy with their Memorial Day sale.



'Tis the season for shorts, and this weekend, all shorts at The Children's Place are 60 percent off. All sizes are included, from toddler girls and boys to big kids, and the prices are just great. This pair of shorts was originally $25, but is now a cool $10 thanks to the deal.


Graphic Tees

I love a cute, punny graphic tee, and The Children's Place has got plenty of them. You can find them in baby sizes all the way up to kid sizes, and every cute little feature is available from football onesies to band tees showcasing your little one's love for the Ramones. All the graphic tees start at $3 this weekend and go up depending on size and style.


Dresses & Rompers

For those who love dresses and rompers, you can pick some summertime favorites this weekend for 60 percent off. I'm partial to the ones for the littlest baby girls, but the big kid styles are just as perfect. There are fancy versions and lots of dresses and rompers you can actually play in, so there's something for everyone. And for real, I know 60 percent may be hard to comprehend, but this above dress normally retails for $17. You guys.


Mix & Match

If separates are your favorite, you'll love the deals on the mix and match pieces at The Children's Place. Each item can be paired with another in the mix and match collection and this weekend, they all start at $3 each and go up from there. There's everything from sleeveless tops to skorts, and they come in a wide variety of color and patterns.


Patriotic Wear

If you want your kiddo to wear something in honor of Memorial Day, or you're just getting a jump start on your 4th of July shopping, you can also check out the Americana collection at The Children's Place. Everything is 60 percent off and includes sizes from baby to big kid, so all your little patriots can rock the red, white, and blue.


Matching Family Graphics

I love a matching family, so if you're into the graphic tees that show off the relationship between you and your mini me, or want a set for the whole family, you can grab them starting at $3 a piece this weekend. Seriously, there's some Instagram-worthy matches in here.


Baby Bundles

For the littlest member of the fam, enjoy 60 percent off The Children's Place baby bundles. There's everything from bibs and mittens to great deals on bodysuit packs, so if you're pregnant or have a brand new baby at home, go on a little shopping spree just for them. (Plus, the unisex, neutral stuff is actually unisex and neutral.)


Clearance Items

I mean, if you're just a bargain shopper in general, you'll love this. The current clearance rack at The Children's Place will also enjoy up to 80 percent off this weekend. That is not a typo, and I see you've already left to check out the deals.