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Disney's Bedtime Hotline Convinces Your Kids It's Time To Sleep

Bedtime can be one of the most exhausting times of day as a parent. From bathing to teeth brushing, picking out pajamas and getting tucked in just so — my own kids have a seemingly never-ending list of tasks to be checked off as part of their bedtime routine, yet they still sometimes struggle to fall asleep when the time finally comes to lay down. As much as I want to resist adding one more thing to our lengthy nightly routine, the Disney Bedtime Hotline is one adorable addition that I'm happy to oblige.

If your kids are Disney fans, get ready to make a nightly call to the Disney Bedtime Hotline to hear their favorite characters wish them sweet dreams in a way that only they can. I have a feeling that even the most stubborn sleepers will have no problems slipping into slumber when they hear these messages tailor-made from select Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars characters.

When you call 1-877-7-MICKEY (642539), you will be prompted to follow the instructions to choose which Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, or Disney character you would like to hear a bedtime message from. Choose from Mickey Mouse, Woody from Toy Story, Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, Anna and Elsa from Frozen, Yoda from Star Wars, or Spider-Man, each with a unique goodnight message for kids. (Hint: Woody is my fav.)

The message you will hear when you first dial in will offer an opt-in for text messages from the Disney Store. If you just want to get right to the recorded voice message, you can bypass the lengthy beginning message by simply pressing the number 2 on your phone once the recording starts. At that time, you're asked to hand the phone over to your child so that they can choose which character they would like to hear from.

Each character has a different approach to bedtime, but they'll mostly be detailing what their day entailed and encouraging your child to get some much needed rest. These mini-stories last about 15 seconds each, but are absolutely magical and packed full of fun Disney details.

If they choose to hear from Mickey Mouse, they will hear all about his day picnicking with Minnie and playing at the dog park before he explains how his day of fun has him ready for bedtime. He tells your child he hopes they have "really fun dreams" before bidding them "so long for now, and goodnight, pal."

Spider-Man greets his "spider-friend" by recounting his crazy busy day as "your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man" and says that all of his hero work makes him sleepy, so he needs to hit the hay, and recommends your child does the same before wishing them a good night.

Woody will tell your child, "It's almost Bonnie's bedtime, which means it's almost our bedtime, too." His adorable cowboy drawl should charm even the most stubborn kids to get ready for bed.

Princess Jasmine's sweet voice details her busy day for your kiddo before she wishes them a day of "magic and adventure" after a good night's sleep.

Anna and Elsa cheerfully describe their walk through the village to get ready for the harvest festival and talk about adventuring to the pumpkin patch with Olaf. They then wish one another good night before simultaneously wishing your child "sweet dreams" in singsongy harmony.

Yoda wishes your "young padawan" a good night as he instructs them to "feel the force surround them" like a blanket to see their dreams. He concludes with, "May the force be with you always," which is something that should have any young Star Wars fan resting peacefully.

As magical as these messages are, I would caution you to be careful about relying too heavily on their influence to help your child get to sleep because the hotline will only be available through the end of September. After Sept. 30, you will have to resort to your boring, old bedtime routine sans cheerful Disney characters and their soothing voices. Until then, hurry and take advantage of this fun way to end the day while you still can.