Hi Hello, We Have To Talk About This Mermaid Life Jacket For DOGS

Thankfully, more and more folks — especially millennials, thank you very much — are treating their pets like they would their own children. And as two of these people, you can bet my husband and I have seatbelts for our dogs when we travel, have sunscreen for the more vulnerable parts of their bodies (their bellies) for when we go hiking or to the beach, and even doggy bug spray. And now we'll be getting life vests, too. Pet product brand Albabara has put a fun spin on the doggy life vest by creating a dog mermaid life jacket so your pups can look and feel oh so magical while staying safe this summer. Also, talk about an Instagram-worthy pic, right?

Believe it or not, not all dogs inherently know how to swim well (they’ll start paddling, but many can’t stay afloat for very long), according to VetStreet. So this life jacket will be perfect for teaching your pup how to hit the water, and look sparkly while doing it. And for under $30 on Amazon, the price is definitely well worth the safety and adorableness factor. This dog mermaid life jacket comes in small, medium, large, and extra large, and it has adjustable Velcro and buckles to “customize” the fit for your dog. Which is really awesome for dogs who are barrel chested like beagles, corgis, and pitties, to name a few. There are reflective strips for visibility, a thick foam for a great float, and there’s even a neck pad to help hold your dog’s head above the water easier, according to the product description.


However, there were some mixed reviews from Amazon users. Many of the positives were that their dogs looked super cute in these and it helped their dogs learn how to swim. Others were concerned about how safe they were. One buyer said, “This is so cute!! Amazingly made and my puppy tolerates it. Except it gets super slippery when wet and she tends to slip out the back and if I wasn't close by I would fear she would get tangled in it and drown.” Additionally, another buyer said, “I ordered this mermaid life jacket for our dog, Tiny. It matches my daughter's mermaid tail perfectly!!!!! Not only does it look cute, but this life jacket actually works. I felt safer knowing that I could grab Tiny out of the water by a thick large handle sewn into the life jacket. It helped Tiny to stay afloat as he swims. Another great feature is that you can hook the leash to it like a harness. Of course I highly recommend to only use under adult supervision.”

So it looks like as long as you watch your dog and stay close by, this life jacket is adorable and pretty effective. Like with our human children, adult supervision while in the water is key to everyone having a fun and safe summer, with perhaps a little mermaid magic thrown in with this life jacket. And if you’d like to match your dog, maybe you should pick up one of these mermaid tail costumes made for swimming in the water. You guys will be too cute.