Eric McCandless/ABC

'DWTS' Vegas Night Debuted A Great Opening Number

Every week, there's a different theme on Dancing With the Stars and when Week 3 began Monday night, the DWTS opening number for Vegas Night got everyone involved and set the tone for the evening. And, spoiler alert, you can't really go wrong when the theme involves Vegas and all things big and feathery. It might seem hard to come up with 11 different dances to go along with Vegas Night on DWTS without being all about Elvis or something involving showgirls, but you better believe that each pair was ready to bring it Monday night for the start of Week 3.

The opening number for Vegas Night on DWTS involved each of the remaining 11 duos coming together for a very Vegas-like performance that included all aspects of the famous desert city. Some of them got to pull the handle on the gigantic slot machine featuring the images of each judge of course, while Simone showed up inside a clear box, a la a magician's assistant.

Several of the women of DWTS were adorned with feathers and glittering outfits made to look like that of Vegas showgirls, which was to be expected, but everyone coming together for the big opening number was the perfect way to get everyone excited for Vegas Night on DWTS.

Each week there's a different theme for the dancers to go along with and each week, the different pairs come together for an opening routine on DWTS. Even though right now, it might seem like they still have some work to do with syncing up with each other at times, believe it or not, they've all already come such a long way from the Season 24 premiere.

Most of the couples on DWTS so far this season have managed to work together well and get into their own grooves and the Vegas Night opening number on DWTS gave them each a chance to show that off, while giving the "stars" part of the show the chance to show off their newfound skills so far.

Luckily a Vegas Night theme is big enough to give each duo the chance to all do something unique from each other, which is kind of a big deal when there are multiple foxtrots and tangos each week. When the dancers of DWTS came together for the Vegas Night opening dance, there were enough elements thrown in to give them all something interesting and fast-paced to do.