Beth Dubber/Netflix

The Ending Of '13 Reasons Why' Left Room For More

by Zakiya Jamal

The Netflix adaptation of Jay Asher's bestselling novel 13 Reasons Why is finally here and fans are already asking for more. The show followed Clay Jensen as he listened to the tapes his former classmate Hannah Baker left behind before committing suicide. Throughout the series, fans got to follow along as Clay discovered which of his classmates were also on the tapes as one of Hannah's reasons why. By the end of the season, Hannah's story was wrapped up but the ending of 13 Reasons Why definitely left room for more story to tell. Warning: Season 1 spoilers ahead!

Though it has yet to be announced if there will be a second season of the show, the end of the first installment definitely left the door wide open for another season. Hannah's parents are currently in the middle of a lawsuit against the school (an aspect that was a completely original idea to the series) and was left unresolved. During the final episode, Tony gave Hannah's parents a USB filled with the audio files of Hannah's tapes. At the end of the episode, they began to listen to it and no doubt they'll be submitting what's on it into evidence, which would most likely win them the case.

Besides the lawsuit, those who were on Hannah's tapes were greatly affected by what was on them. Justin finally told Jessica that she was raped by Bryce and in the finale it appeared that Jessica was going to tell her father what happened. This could open up another lawsuit, this time with Bryce being the guilty party.

More pressing is the state in which Alex was left in. In the last moments of the finale it was revealed that Alex shot himself in the head and was in critical condition. Will he survive or will this be another suicide the school may be held responsible for?

Then again, the school may have even bigger fish to fry since it looked like Tyler was preparing for a school shooting. He was seen purchasing a gun and then when he got home it was revealed that he actually had a whole trunk full of guns and ammunition in his room. Even more telling were the pictures of the other people on the tapes he had hanging up in the dark room that seemed to serve almost as like a target list.

It looks like everyone's lives could be in danger and it's not surprising that fans want to know what happens next. Though 13 Reasons Why was an emotional and serious show, it was also filled with mystery and covered many important topics that now has fans begging for more.