Dad holding baby in Ergobaby carrier

Now's The Time To Score An Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier For Half Off At Target

Half-off deals don’t come around very often, especially for higher-priced baby items. But this Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions Ergonomic Baby Carrier is on sale for just $80 at Target, and that's an incredible savings. Hurry though — the promotion ends on Saturday.

When it comes to carriers, there are lots of choices on the market... but the Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions Ergonomic Baby Carrier is in a league of its own. It has lower back support and padded shoulder straps to make toting your tot around a whole lot easier — and less back-breaking. And since it’s adjustable, it can fit almost any body type, from XXS-XXL for women, to sizes S-3XB for men.

You don’t want your little cutie all crunched up in his carrier, but that won’t be a worry with the Ergobaby. Its ergonomic design features an adjustable bucket seat style, which can help support your baby to sit in a more natural M-shaped position, whether she’s facing in or out.

Some baby gear looks, well, like baby gear. But you don’t want a carrier that’s going to cramp your own personal style (or what’s left of it, that is.) The Ergobaby's stylish design comes in a Gingham Noir print, which is basically a midnight sky version of your typical gingham colors of red and white or blue and white checked pattern. That means that you can take the carrier (and obvs, your kid, too) from day to night easily without compromising your own sense of sophistication.

Now, the black color on the carrier (just like white) can show up stains more easily, which might make you fear that your carrier is going to look like a crime scene. The good news is that it's completely washable, so spit-ups, leaks, blowouts, and any other bodily fluids can all be cleaned.

The carrier fits babies from 4-36 months (or 12-33 pounds) without an infant insert. (Newborns and babies up to four months will need the insert, which is sold separately.) It has a baby hood with UPF 50, so you won’t have to worry about your little sweetie scorching his head in the hot sun. The design also makes breastfeeding a breeze, since your child will be sitting in seated position.

Comfort is critical when it comes to a baby carrier. No matter what type of delivery you’ve had, chances are your midsection is still pretty sore. The wraparound waistband on the Ergobaby is wide, which helps to alleviate any discomfort and offers additional (and much-needed) support to your lower back. It also has padded shoulder straps that not only are adjustable, but help to distribute your baby’s weight so that you don’t feel like you're carrying the load only on one side.

The Ergobaby carrier comes with an ErgoPromise Lifetime Guarantee, which means that should you find a defect (either with the material that the carrier is made from or a glitch due to the manufacturing), Ergobaby will replace the part — or the carrier — at no additional charge.

Now, the Ergobaby is already half price at Target through Saturday, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to save a few more dollars. If you use your Target RedCard, you can save an additional 5 percent, so you’d actually get the carrier for a sweet $76 before sales tax. Which means that the Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions Ergonomic Baby Carrier won’t break your back — or the bank.