Yup, The 'Ex On The Beach' Season 3 Cast Will Charm Their Way Into Your Heart

Ex on the Beach is back for its third season, and you'll never guess who is about to wash up on shore. Starting on Tuesday, Jul. 16, host Romeo Miller returns with ten reality TV veterans who are hoping to find another shot at love. That is, if they aren't derailed by their exes. So who is in the Ex on the Beach cast? Season 3 is heating up and there are no signs that the MTV reality series will cool down anytime soon.

For those of you who don't know how Ex on the Beach works, the show puts a group of celebrity singles in Malibu. While they're there to put their hearts on the line, their exes arrive to spark up an old flame or get their revenge by starting a new romance with someone else. Of course, since there are already established histories entangled with every star, there is plenty of drama that goes down from week to week.

It looks like Season 3 of Ex on the Beach will not disappoint, as the new season headlines exes like Marie Roda from The Challenge and The Real World, Anthony Bartolotte from Are You the One? and The Challenge, Elena Davies from Big Brother, and Are You the One? alums Tevin Grant, Anthony Martin, and Shannon Duffy. The "exes" cast lineup also includes a number of new faces like Lisa ‘Thai” Coffey, Ariana Nova, Alexis McNeal, Cara Cooper, Kellie Sweet, Emily Arreseigor, Danielle Clarke, Max-Davis Kurtzman, Jason Walsh, Tyler Garrigus.

Clearly, fans of Season 3 of Ex on the Beach are already guaranteed a good time. Now, let's dive into the celebrity singles, and trust me when I tell you you're in for a treat.

Aubrey O’Day

Aubrey O'Day is no stranger to reality television. The singer was featured in MTV's Making the Band series, which put her in the girl group Danity Kane in the early 2000s. Since then, Donald Trump Jr.'s alleged ex also appeared in other reality shows like Famously Single, Celebrity Apprentice, and Celebrity Big Brother 18.

Mark Jansen

Mark Jansen is known for his time on Big Brother 19, where he fell for his fellow Houseguest and now-ex, Elena Davis. But it seems that the reality star is making some headway with Aubrey, as the two have been shown on a date together already.

Mechie Harris

You might recognize Mechie Harris from the band 4EY The Future. However, he is known for his alleged affair with Blac Chyna. In a clip posted on the Ex on the Beach Twitter account, Mechie clears up the drama. "People think that Chyna cheated on Rob [Kardashian] with me," Mechie said. "But in reality, she was single." The MTV star then revealed that his ex was Danielle Clarke, who he described as "the one who got away."

Cameron Armstrong

Reality fans may not recognize Cameron Armstrong. But, the MTV star has previously appeared in the reality competition series, Boy Band, as well as the hit ABC drama, The Rookie.

Billy Reilich

Billy Reilich has been in the E! docu-series What Happens at The Abbey, but he is known for his time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as "Ellen's gardener."

Kenya Scott

MTV fans probably recognize Kenya Scott from her time on Season 7 of Are You the One?, where she met her now-ex, Tevin Grant.

Lexi & Allie Kaplan

Before Ex on the Beach, Lexi and Allie Kaplan first appeared on Netflix's Inst@famous.

Geles Rodriguez

In case you don't remember her from her time on MTV's Are You the One?, Geles Rodriguez is a former NFL cheerleader for the Houston Texans.

Devin Walker

Season 3 of Ex on the Beach comes with a lot of MTV reality star alums,including Devin Walker. The contestant has previously appeared in Are You the One? and The Challenge.

There's a lot to get excited about when these reality worlds collide on MTV. The drama is already seeping through the seems, and I'm so ready to see the mess that they all leave behind.

Ex on the Beach Season 3 airs Tuesday nights on MTV.