'Bad Moms Christmas' Trailer Is A Must Watch

It's been just over a year since the first Bad Moms movie was released, so we're well overdue for a little more Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn hilariously taking on motherhood. This isn't just a sequel: it's a Christmas-themed movie, so it's bound to become an immediate holiday classic. Once you watch the first trailer for A Bad Moms Christmas, you'll totally understand why. Even if Christmas isn't your kind of holiday, it looks like it hilariously addresses all kinds of parent-pressures, like handling your own mom, during any holiday.

The trailer opens with that sappy holiday tune, "It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," with each of the women narrating, talking about how the holidays are just so magical. "But do you know what's behind making Christmas so special?," Kunis asks. "MOMS! Moms are working their asses off," she continues over a montage of frantic mushroom stuffing, present wrapping, and mall shopping.

The trailer hones in on the "bad moms" taking one glimpse of the scene off of the mall escalator and deciding that they need to get drunk before taking on the department stores. (Wait, where can you drink at the mall?)

Sitting in the food court, the women slug beers and decide to take Christmas back. They're sick of just getting "coupons and back rubs," as Bell's character puts it, for all of their hard holiday work. They're not wrong.

The movie will definitely be a welcome treat for parents everywhere when it's released in November. If, of course, they can find any time between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve. Maybe a good laugh will be just what the doctor ordered after the holiday madness.

This time around, the women's own moms show up to make their lives even crazier. Christine Baranksi plays Kunis' mom, Susan Sarandon plays Hahn's mother, and Bell is the the fictional daughter of Cheryl Hines.

When Baranski shows up and sees that Kunis has skipped decorating her house for Santa, she basically sums up everything that can be so stressful about being a parent. She tells her daughter, "You're a mom. Mom's don't EN-joy, they give joy, that's how being a mom works."

Does it really though? (Spoiler alert: parents are definitely allowed to enjoy.)

Bell summed up the ethos of the Bad Moms franchise in an interview with NPR last year. She said of her attraction to the script:

When you have a baby, everything in your DNA says, 'I gotta do this right.' But what should go hand-in-hand in that — and doesn't often, or it's not reiterated enough to women — is that 'and it's OK if I don't, because I'm trying and that's all that matters.'

That's something everyone should be able to get behind, which is why it's likely the Bad Moms Christmas will be everywhere once it's released November 3, 2017. If this summer was all about Wonder Woman, this winter will be all about the IRL "bad mom" superheroes that make the world go 'round.