Your Baby Will Be The New "Padfoot" In Freshly Picked's Harry Potter Collection

Imagine reading the Harry Potter series again for the first time. Will it ever be quite as magical again? Well, by sharing the story of Harry and his friends with your little one, it can, and that starts with dressing the part. These Harry Potter Freshly Picked baby shoes and moccasins are an adorable way to start your baby's Hogwarts wardrobe (but their footprints will still be visible on the Marauder's Map).

Freshly Picked is known for their baby moccasins, sandals, clothing, and variety of diaper bags. They now carry a full range of Harry Potter-themed moccasins for wizards who have gone on to start their own families. They carry newborn moccasins with no sole, made of real leather to keep their tiny toes warm. Their soft-soled shoes are made with the American Academy of Pediatrics' infant footwear guidelines in mind, with soft bottoms that allow your baby's toes and feet to flex and grip the floor properly. They also become sweet keepsakes over time as your baby's footprint is saved on the bottom of the shoe. And, of course, shoes are extra important for toddlers who are walking, jumping, and, of course, marauding. The Mini-Soles line has durable rubber soles, but are still made of soft leather, so no blisters here.

This pair of moccs gathers lots of iconic items from the Harry Potter series into one perfect pattern: Harry's glasses, his Gryffindor scarf, the house's lion mascot, lightning bolts, wands, a deer patronus, the golden snitch, and the Deathly Hallows symbol. They're available in sizes 1 through 7, and have an elastic opening to make them stay on securely, but go on and come off with ease. So yeah, they're basically baby shoe magic.

Be sure to browse the full range of Harry Potter moccs and find the style you love best. The Luna Lovegood pair will look precious on your one-of-a-kind, eclectic kiddo, and are adorned in pink, metallic bows. The Marauder's Map pattern features an intricate map of Hogwarts and shows the moving footprints of the witches and wizards who go there. The soles even say "Mischief Managed!"

If your baby is ready to be sorted, consider one of the four house moccs so they can represent their personality every time they leave the house with you. Each pair is emblazoned with the house's crest, signature color palette, and pattern on the heel. You can order them with or without bows, depending on your preference, and some have the cutest little fringe. Or, if you want something more subtly HP, the Hedwig In Flight patterned moccasins are a darker, more low-key option. They feature Harry's beloved pet owl in flight in the night sky and surrounded by stars. The entire line is available for pre-order now.

And if your fandom extends beyond the wizarding world, check out Freshly Picked's Disney collabs. They carry moccasins with classic characters, like Bambi, Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse (with cute little laces), and Minnie Mouse. They also carry plenty of modern designs with newer characters, like Princess Tiana, and a wide variety of Star Wars designs.