The Emo Kid In Me Wants Every Pair Of Shoes In The 'Frozen 2' Converse Collection

Frozen is more than just a movie — it's practically a Pantone color with its now iconic Arendelle blue. It inspired you to style your hair in the most amazing fishtail braid for weeks, to exclusively wear powder blue and sparkles in 2015, and to tie on a pair of Frozen 2 Converse this winter. How else are you going to look like an actual citizen of Arendelle?

The collaboration between one of the most anticipated Disney movie releases of the year (the movie hits theaters on Nov. 22) and one of the most well-known sneaker brands is incredibly charming. In both adult and kid sizes, the entire Frozen 2 Converse collection is so versatile that on the very off-chance that there's a part of you feeling wary about wearing princesses on your feet, you'll still want every pair.

Take, for example, these black and white adult high top shoes with brass accents. Notice the Frozen 2 silhouettes along each side of the shoe? These are obviously for the subtle Frozen 2 fan that loves a bit of modern flair. There's also an inspiring message inscribed on the inside of the shoe (as well as all of the shoes in the collection): "The journey connects us."

If you're into a sweet, whimsical look reminiscent of every Mary Blair design in Disney, you'll love these white high tops with Anna and Elsa prints, featured in icy pink and blue colors. The shoes are available in adult, kids, and toddler sizes, so I know what you're thinking: matching family shoe day, obv.

The Frozen 2 Converse collection also features several low top options, like these colorful printed Chucks for kids ($40, Converse). The black shoes feature images of Anna and Elsa, Olaf, and even the Enchanted Forest. The toddler version features Velcro closures and is equally adorable. I just love the sweet silhouettes on these shoes.

And if you're looking for easy-to-close shoes (because, really, why not make it easier to get out the door?), then your Olaf-loving toddler might also like these shoes, which feature an orange strap made to look like the snowman's nose. I would absolutely melt for these, my friends.

Once you choose the best pair — or three — that work with you and your little one's style, you may want to add a few other Frozen 2 accessories to complete your wardrobe in time for the movie's release later this month. I personally suggest an icy blue tiara, but you know — you do you.

If you're planning on attending a Frozen 2 party with your kids or simply want to dress festively for opening night at the movie theater, your Converse are a must-have accessory. But to be honest, these are shoes that will carry you through the entire year. Rock them during the warmer months and pretend there's a magic cloud dropping icy, snowflakes on your head a la Olaf, or add them to your bag for a trip to Disney. Or, you know, just wear them around the house so you can feel extra festive while screaming at your kids to "let it go!" The emo kid in all of us can appreciate an ice queen on a pair of Converse, right?