The 'Fuller House' Trailer Recut As A Horror Flick Is Hilariously Bad — VIDEO

Fans who have been waiting years for a Full House reunion rejoiced when Netflix released the teaser for Fuller House, a new series coming to the online streaming giant on February 26 of 2016. With everything from Uncle Jesse's signature, "Watch the hair!" to Uncle Joey's, "Cut. It. Out!" — interspersed with interior shots of the familiar Painted Ladies in San Francisco that we all grew up with — the teaser provided a heavy dose of nostalgia and a sense of excitement at new life breathed into this nineties classic.

But what if we reimagined Fuller House with a far darker twist? With the trend of gritty reboots in Hollywood, it's only a matter of time until all our beloved childhood classics are morphed into Christopher Nolan-esque retellings we barely recognize. The folks at Screen Crush are more than happy to stomp all over our childhoods, reimagining the Fuller House teaser recut as a horror movie. And it is hilariously bad folks. Like, so bad.

It's basically the Netflix Fuller House dubbed over with some sinister music and creepy sound effects — no added jump scares or booming voiceovers — Screen Crush just replaced the sweet Fuller House teaser song for cheap horror tropes. To be honest, it's a pretty lazy effort at best.

Here, judge for yourself:

Back in my day (because I'm totally allowed to say that now that I'm approaching my mid-30s), YouTubers totally knew how to scare the crap out of you with a solid horror recut of classic films. Take for example, the original children's classic recut as horror movie, Scary Mary:

I still cannot get over that Scary Mary is nine years old already. It's practically a dinosaur from the early days of YouTube. Looking for something a little more current? This recut of Disney's Frozen takes, "Do you wanna build a snowman?" to frightening new levels of terror:

OK, switching back to the nostalgia that Fuller House has inspired, here's a pretty amazing recut of Home Alone transformed from wacky morality caper to chilling break-in horror movie not unlike The Strangers or Funny Games. I love the way YouTuber Bobby Burns worked in the classic shot of Catherine O'Hara shouting "Kevin!!"

And one more, for good measure: Mrs. Doubtfire reimagined as the terrifying psychological thriller it could have been...

Images: moviemkr, wikkidprawn, Bobby Burns (2), ScreenCrush/YouTube (2)