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Twitter Reacts To Lady Gaga's Super Bowl 51 Jump

Lady Gaga headlining the halftime show was half the reason many tuned into the big game on Feb. 5, but the funniest tweets about Lady Gaga's jump at Super Bowl 51 prove that the internet will never forgive you if your performance isn't 100 percent perfect. Oh, and because it was super terrifying.

I mean, anytime someone jumps off of a building, you're bound to feel a certain kind of way. I, for one, covered my face because I really didn't want to watch something go wrong on that jump and have to relive Lady Gaga's broken leg as I fall asleep tonight. But, thankfully, her jump didn't end in any physical issues. It just looked less like a graceful fairy diving into a land of footballs (that's a Disney movie I can get behind) and more like she kind of, tumbled into the stadium.

And of course, the internet won't let her forget it.

Let's be honest, if there's one thing Twitter is used for, it's critiquing the entire world. And Lady Gaga isn't allowed immunity just because she's Lady Gaga. She may be a total badass, but even she can screw up a jump once in a while.

According to The New York Times, Lady Gaga had been sharing rumors in the weeks leading up to her performance that she was going to take the stage and stood fierce in her beliefs and what her career is all about.

She sang her hits, had everyone hoping Queen Beyoncé was about to burst in, and did an incredible job. But her jump? It left a little more to the imagination.

Twitter compared it to a scene from Ocean's Eleven, more of a fall than a jump, and basically asked why. Why Lady Gaga? What was the point in jumping like a flying squirrel? Why did you have to scare the hell out of everyone? Why did you look like a woman on Black Friday trying to jump on top of the last Crockpot left in the pile?

I don't know and neither does Twitter, which is exactly why the social media website blew up with everyone talking about Lady Gaga and her Super Bowl 51 jump.


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Lady Gaga Will Make You Jump, Jump

Whether it was perfect or not (it kind of wasn't), there's one thing for sure — Lady Gaga is a total badass. Seriously, does it matter how you jump off of a roof, as long as you do it? (Twitter says it does, by the way.)