How To Dress Like Your Favorite Golden Girl This Halloween

It’s definitely no secret that I am obsessed with The Golden Girls. I’ve loved them since I was old enough to comprehend what I was watching, and my memaw, my mom, and I would all watch every episode together. With Halloween fast approaching, Golden Girls costumes have been on my mind. I mean, what could be more fun to wear while I take my son trick-or-treating? Bonus points for stashing some cheesecake in our pumpkin as we walk.

Maybe I could even get my husband to go as Stan, and when we get to houses he can say, "Hi, it's me, Stan." And if I dressed up as Dorothy, I could call him, "Barf Bag." But if I dressed up as Sophia, I could call him a "Yutz." Ah, choices.

Whether you purchase an official costume, go to Target since the '80s are apparently back, or you head over to your favorite vintage thrift store to get some fabulous '80s outfits, as long as you have on shoulder pads and a wig that's gray (or a short brown wig, Blanche's "natural hue" as she liked to point out), you'll be "Golden." And if you can find small child versions of these outfits? Even better. A group of toddlers as The Golden Girls is perfection.



Even though everybody always gave her a hard time for her looks (in fact, it actually started to hurt Bea Arthur's feelings in real life according to Golden Girls Forever: An Unauthorized Look Behind the Lanai), I think Dorothy was incredibly stylish, especially for the time. She was the queen of the collar, the cowl neck, and the shawl. And of course, the shoulder pads.



Whether you get a fancy flowing neglige, a form-fitting dress with too much cleavage and a necklace complimenting your "ample bosom," or leggings, open-toe heels, and an oversized sweater, I think everyone will know who you are if you put on this brown wig. Don't forget the chunky earrings.



Rose definitely had some weird sweaters on the show — but what do you expect? She is from St. Olaf after all. I think the most iconic weird sweater of hers was the one with the airplane on the front. What even was that? Luckily, you can find sweaters and t-shirts with that pattern. Find some acid-wash jeans and some white Keds to go with it, and you'll be telling St. Olaf stories in no time. If the sweater isn't your style, she did always look great in a light blue dress. That was definitely her color.



No matter what you do for Sophia, you have to get the glasses and the chain, and the wicker purse. It doesn't have to be this particular wicker purse, but no matter what you're wearing, if you have that purse, everyone will know who you are. The cardigan and floral '80s dress is a bonus. If you can find a brooch to button at the neck, even better. Now, "Picture it. Sicily. 1922."



The sweater and receding hairline wig are self-explanatory, but the traffic cone may need some explaining. Remember in the episode "The Monkey Show" where Stanley is going to therapy to get over Dorothy, and his therapist makes him carry around a monkey, which is also a traffic cone? The idea was he'd transfer his love and affection for Dorothy to the "monkey." We all know Stanley is a yutz, so grab a silly sweater, some dockers, and this wig and you'll be set. Mustache is optional since he had it on and off throughout the series. Make sure if you go trick-or-treating or end up at someone's Halloween Party, you knock and say, "Hi, it's me, Stan." Do it every time.