The H&M Mini Me Collection Is Full Of Matching Corduroy & Jackets For The Whole Fam

To me, nothing is cuter than matching pajamas on holidays, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this. So I am very happy to say, in case matching pajamas still isn’t enough adorable for you, the H&M Mini Me collection is here for everyday wear, and it looks like plaid, cheetah print, and corduroy are definitely in style this fall.

Now I know most people have heard of Mommy & Me collections from all sorts of brands, but leave it to H&M to take it to the next level and include dads and sons in this Mini Me collection. Everyone in the family will have staple fall and winter wardrobe pieces that are stylish and comfortable, including sweaters and pile coats for ladies, and corduroy jackets for gentlemen. Although these corduroy jackets are so nice, I think anyone can wear them to be honest. Oh, and the bad*ss biker jacket? It comes in adult and kids' sizes for everyone in the family. And we can’t forget about the pregnant people in your fam — they can match their kids, too, in dresses, slacks, coats, and sweaters. There’s something for everyone in this collection, that’s for sure. Whether you just like a cohesive look or are prepping for family pictures, enjoy the H&M Mini Me collection.


Leopard Print Modal Turtleneck Top

Leopard print is totally a neutral color right? You'll look sleek and sexy in this leopard print top, whether going out for the evening or pairing it with a blazer for work.


Kids' Leopard Print Top

Kids always look super adorable in animal prints — but even more adorable when they match you.


Leopard Print Glossy Leggings

These leopard print leggings are super cute and will look even cuter if your kid has on their leopard shirt or dress. Matching doesn't have to mean exact replicas.


Kids' Corduroy Leopard Print Dress

Corduroy is definitely in this season, and this leopard print corduroy dress takes it up a notch. Your kid will be the most stylish in class.


MAMA Knit Sweater

Leopard print for everybody! This stylish sweater will be comfortable and cozy for any trimester. Well, maybe not so comfortable in the third trimester, but that's not the sweater's fault.


Suit Vest

When I think of H&M, I always think of their fancy vests. In fact, I used to own one in college. But this particular vest is extra fancy and much cooler than mine, because it goes along with the Mini Me collection — stylishly matched to the kids' checked bib overalls.


Ankle-Length Slacks

These ankle-length slacks are perfect for work. They're fun and modern because of the length, but professional enough for the office because of the pattern.


Kids' Checked Bib Overalls

When I think of overalls, I don't immediately think of the word "stylish" but when I saw these, that was the first word that came to mind — especially for kids' overalls. I love that they match the more "adult" items like slacks and vests.


Pile-Lined Corduroy Jacket

This jacket looks totally toasty and warm and perfect for fall. Plus it will pair nicely with some jeans and a slim-fit dress shirt from H&M.


Kids' Corduroy Pants

For just $10 you should buy your kid a pair of these adorable corduroy pants in every color. I mean, they don't just come in beige, but navy, black, red, pink, orange, grey, and green, too.


Corduroy Skirt

Dressed up or down, this corduroy skirt is a must-have for your fall wardrobe this year. Plus, if you match your baby in her dangerously cute bib overall dress, it will definitely be the perfect fall season indeed.


Infant/Toddler Corduroy Bib Overall Dress

This adorable little overall dress would look just perfect in a fall family photo where the rest of the family is wearing any of the other corduroy items above.


Biker Jacket

Whether you wear it with jeans, a skirt, or a dress, there's just something about a biker jacket that gives you a bit of an edge. And if the rest of your family gets one in this Mini Me collection, you guys will be the most adorable biker gang around.


Kids' Biker Jacket

This biker jacket looks like it would be in one of those young adult dystopian movies in the best way. Your kid will look stylish and tough in this biker jacket.


Kids' Lined Biker Jacket

For additional comfort and warmth, this pile-lined jacket is pretty awesome looking, too.


Pile Jacket With Collar

Speaking of pile, this jacket looks like it would be the warmest thing in your closet this fall and winter, as well as the most comfortable.


Infant/Toddler Pile Hoodie

Of course this little mini hoodie looks cozy and warm, but the ears are just too much cute to handle.


Pile Hoodie

This pile hoodie will look sleek and smart in either beige or black.


Kids' Pile Coat

Everybody grab your pile jacket for fall photos this year. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of these come the end of October through the winter.