The Hanna Andersson Halloween Line Is Full Of Pajamas You Can Turn Into Costumes

There are few things better than a themed pair of pajamas, and the Hanna Andersson Halloween collection has taken that idea and made it even better. The entire collection is just as adorable as you would expect from this gorgeous brand, and the best part? The pajamas can totally double as costumes. This is great in case you have to do some new kind of trick-or-treat plan this year, or if your kid loves to fall asleep halfway through trick-or-treating and needs to be put in bed without pulling an entire costume off of them.

The collection also has the brand’s signature organic cotton pajamas and matching family pajamas that are cute on their own, in addition to the Halloween pajamas that double as a costume. They’re also offering character accessories and props for said pajama-costumes. Hanna Andersson also has Halloween and fall everyday wear, and there's even a fall-themed Peanuts collection, y'all. The Great Pumpkin, anyone? Sign me up.

And did I mention that Hanna Anderson is currently offering 50% off of costume accessories right now so you can stock up on your options for Halloween this year, or even restock your dress-up box? Your kid will be the cutest on the block, whether they’re old-school trick-or-treating or sitting in their front yard and being showered with candy. The below items are just a small sampling of all the great outfits you can buy from the new Halloween collection. There are so many good ones.

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Family Matching Jack O'Lantern Pajamas

These pajamas just scream Halloween in the most adorable and minimalist way. You can get the baby version for $30, the women's top and pant for $33.60 each, the adult top and pant both for $32.20, and the kids' long johns for $35.


Family Matching 'Peanuts' Halloween Pajamas

The iconic Peanuts look amazing on the Hanna Andersson clothing styles. Grab the kids' long john pajamas for $50, the baby sleeper for $44, and the adult long john top and pant for $48 each.


Spider Night Night Sleeper for Baby

These adorable spider baby pajamas aren't only amazingly festive on their own, but they can be turned into the cutest little baby spider costume with the addition of this spider cap for $14.


Halloween Candy Long John Pajamas for Kids

The classic Hanna Andersson long john pajamas are beyond festive in this adorable Halloween candy pattern. Your kids will be cute enough to eat.


Halloween Rib Knit Dress

I wish this adorable Halloween rib knit dress came in my size, because I'd rock this all year long. It's got moons, stars, and bats, y'all


Disney Mickey Mouse Glow-In-The-Dark Long John Pajamas

Mickey as a vampire is pretty awesome in and of itself, but have this pajama set glow in the dark? You've got yourself a rockin' Halloween pajama outfit.


Disney Jack Skellington Glow-In-The-Dark Long John Pajamas

Honoring one of the best Halloween (Christmas?) movies of all time, these Jack Skellington pajamas are a must-have. And it glows in the dark? Why can't these come in adult sizes, Hanna Andersson?


Long John Glow-In-The-Dark Skeleton Pajamas

"Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones..." I will be constantly singing this song in my head when I put my son in these festive glow-in-the-dark skeleton long john pajamas. I wonder if I could get him to even do the dance that Gabe, Kelly, and Toby did on The Office?


DIY Long John Pajamas As A Puppy Costume

Not only are the DIY long john pajamas amazing on their own, but add a puppy tail, puppy paws, and "critter beanie," and you've got yourself a DIY puppy costume.


Polka Dot Long John Pajamas As A Unicorn Costume

I'm a fan of these polka dot long john pajamas, and if you add a unicorn wand, pink "critter beanie," and "critter slippers," your kid will look like the cutest gosh darn unicorn in the land.


Halloween Rib Knit Dress As A Cat Costume

Looking for a kitty costume that no other kid on your block will have? Grab this Halloween Rib Knit Dress, and black cat ears, a black cat tail, and some black leggings.

Plus this outfit would be perfect for Halloween festivities, or any time, even without the ears and tail.


Long John Pirate Pajamas As A Pirate Costume

"Arrrrrrrrr!" Your kid is going to look fabulous as a pirate in this completely unique pirate costume made from these pirate long john pajamas, pirate parrot, wearable 3-D pirate ship, and pirate hook. I feel like this outfit in particular — especially with the ship — will make for some fun playtime activity even when it's not Halloween.