This Clock Has A "Reward Drawer" To Motivate Your Kids To Sleep Like Normal Beings

If you have an early riser on your hands who can't go even one measly morning without asking for breakfast before dawn, the Happy Tykes Pali alarm clock may just be the solution to your early waking woes. This easy-to-use sleep training alarm clock features a character design with adorable ears and feet, and a cheerful, animated electronic facade that may just help your kids sleep later than 5 a.m.

When you set the clock via an app on your phone, the Pali's LED screen face will gradually countdown with diminishing tic marks and changing colors before the face appears to "fall asleep" when it is your child's bed time or nap time. When it's time to wake up, Pali will light up gradually and countdown the moments until it's OK for your child to get out of bed before the bright and cheery face appears on the clock's surface.

This countdown is easy for your kids to understand as they watch the lights move and the face on the clock wake up, letting them know when it's appropriate to get up for the day. The light feature can also be used as a nightlight, and a sound machine feature with a variety of soothing sounds is also included. Because Pali is app-controlled, you can set a schedule for your child's alarm clock and control the nightlight or sound machine features right from your smart phone, as well as alter the sleep and wake times as your child grows or if your schedule changes.

What sets this sleep training clock apart from others on the market is the unique reward drawer that stays locked as your child sleeps, and automatically opens after the wake up countdown is complete. Inside, your child will find a sticker, piece of candy, or other small treat you provide as a reward for staying in bed all night. This incentive can be a great motivator for kids who might otherwise hop out of bed hours before your family is ready to start the day.

Although the Pali alarm clock is not yet available for purchase, you can join the product's Kickstarter campaign to receive a 45% discount on launch day by signing up on the Happy Tykes website.