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The Honest Company's Eczema Line Is An All-Natural Fix For The Common Condition

The Honest Company is expanding its already prolific list of products once again. This time, the brand is adding to its personal care lineup. They just dropped the Honest Company's eczema line, made up of products designed to help those who suffer with the skin condition.

The Honest Company has tried to build a reputation for making products with gentle ingredients since its conception, working to "avoid chemicals of concern" in everything they make, as the company website states. Natural ingredients can be helpful for those who suffer from eczema, as triggers for breakouts are in a lot of seemingly benign products we use everyday. As WebMD explained, everything from soap to detergent can cause breakouts, leading to inventions like pajamas for babies with eczema, as well as the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance, which adheres to a strict criteria of ingredients that must be avoided. Indeed, Medical News Today points to using mild soaps and safe moisturizers daily as two of the most important things those with eczema can do to protect their skin.

And The Honest Company hopes to provide those mild, non-irritating products to people who need them. The National Eczema Association already lists The Honest Company's Baby Laundry Detergent as one of the best detergents to use for kids who suffer from eczema, so the expansion isn't all that surprising. The line features products specifically designed to help those with eczema, including items such as the Soothing Therapy Body Wash ($13) and the Soothing Eczema Balm ($15).

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In a recent interview with Romper's Danielle Campoamor, Honest Company founder Jessica Alba said she "feels like there's a... lack of options, available across the board" for those who have eczema, which led to the new Honest venture. Everything in the line is natural-based rather than steroid-based, which was important to the company as they developed the products, as many people have fears about using steroids to treat their eczema.

However, these fears are generally unfounded, as Dr. John Hanifin tells the National Eczema Foundation that "Topical corticosteroids are very effective and if used properly, very safe." He went on to to say that "a major reason for [steroid] failure is when there is an inappropriate prescription of low-potency steroids and the starting and stopping of regimens that never really control and stabilize the inflammation." So you definitely shouldn't stop using your steroid without talking to your dermatologist; they prescribed it for a reason, and halting treatment suddenly could hurt you more. If you or your kids have eczema, consult your doctor about your skincare treatment regimen.

But for Alba, the new Honest line is about giving consumers more options; they can "offer this type of product as an alternative to a steroid or petro-based products" as a solution to breakouts, and she's hoping it makes a difference for people. "I'm just excited for people to have it, and I'm excited for them to use it," she says. The eczema line is available for purchase on the Honest Company website, so you can head there now to check them out for yourself, as well as their other products.