Here's When You Can Look For 'The Incredibles 2' Toys In Your Kid's Happy Meal

There were few things cooler as a '90s kid than opening your McDonald's Happy Meal and finding a toy from your favorite Disney movie. (Or just one of those pretty little Barbies they usually had.) I very much remember collecting all the Hercules McDonald's toys I could find and trying to catch all of the Oliver & Company figurines. But it's been a while since Disney and McDonald's collaborated, which makes The Incredibles 2 Happy Meal a really fun addition to your kid's summer this year.

OK, to be totally fair, any type of Disney toy is a win, but to find it wedged between your chicken nuggets and french fries? The best of the best. Especially when it's a character from this summer's blockbuster sequel. USA Today reported that the toys for The Incredibles 2 are the first collaboration in Disney and McDonald's new partnership, and should be out in the golden arches in June, just in time for the movie's release on June 15.

There's no official word on exactly what the toys will entail, but a YouTube video from Toys Unlimited, published in April, shows what seems to be some of The Incredibles toys that your kids would have found in the McDonald's Happy Meal back in 2004 during the movie's first release. The video shows a super cute Mr. Incredible with a toggle on the back to move his arms, along with an Elastigirl that has super long arms and, of course, is super stretchy and flexible. For the kids, there was a figurine of each, and they're even cooler than the adults. The Violet figurine sat on a platform that has a mechanism underneath for spinning her "force fields" around her. Dash, naturally, had to show off his speed, so you can find him in a blue "wheel" that has a wind-up action to make him "run" super fast inside of the wheel. The video doesn't seem to show the actual opening of a baby Jack-Jack from a Happy Meal, but they do show off the insert in the packaging that featured a tiny Jack-Jack figurine. Other toys included in the set, and that you can see in the video, included a Frozone toy, a Syndrome action figure (NO CAPES), and the mole bad guy featured in the last few minutes of The Incredibles.

There's no The Incredibles 2 logo on any of the toys, so these are obviously the old Happy Meal toys, but one can assume (and by one, I mean me) that the new toys will be along the same lines and include figurines that show off some new powers — and maybe some new costumes if Edna Mode's involved.

Soon after The Incredibles 2 release, there will be Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 toys to commemorate the release of Disney's sure-to-be-successful sequel in November. But you can expect lots of Disney toys to be making their way into those iconic Happy Meal boxes. The same report from USA Today noted that while Disney and McDonald's didn't share the details of how long their partnership will last, it's assumed it will be several years. In the previous partnership, the two worked together from 1996 to 2006.

Curious as to why the two ever split ways? Me too. How could two childhood favorites not find common ground for a partnership, right? Turns out, Disney wasn't all that psyched about McDonald's nutritional info. Pixar Post reported that as of June, McDonald's Happy Meal nutrition guidelines will be on par with Disney's own nutritional standards. In a press release from Disney, the company wrote that "customer-led changes" have given McDonald's more of an incentive to "reduce calories, saturated fat, sodium and added sugar in many Happy Meal combinations."

Either way, I'm super stoked to get a Parr family figurine in my kid's next Happy Meal. She's a huge fan of the first movie, and knowing that her apple slices and chicken nuggets may have a tiny Jack Jack inside is just going to blow her mind. Plus in 15 years, I'll need all of those figurines to sell on eBay for her college education.