Is It A Door Or A Beach? Prepare To Be Baffled By The Internet's Latest Mystery

I already have too many things in my life giving me anxiety, so why does social media seem to go looking for reasons for me and everyone else to doubt ourselves? Isn't life hard enough without actively trying to confuse all of us? Apparently not, because the latest social media conundrum has cropped up and it's "Yanny vs. Laurel" all over again. Please look at this picture and tell me: Is it a door or a beach? Then ask 10 of your friends and get 10 different answers. And then welcome to my nightmare.

A Twitter user named Becky, who is clearly not above messing with the rest of us and our own personal versions of reality, recently took to the social media platform to test the internet with a simple picture. It's basically just a stripe of blue, a thin stripe of tan, a bit of aqua and off white and that's it. Pretty innocuous, right? Nothing too difficult here. Until, of course, on August 24 Becky decides to ask the question "Is this a door or a beach?" And I don't want to rush to any snap judgments about this Becky person but she added a pretty ominous "Hahahaha" to the end which gave me chills.

I don't want to skew your opinion either way here, but if you see a door and not a beach picture taken on its side I don't know how we can even talk anymore. But not everyone agrees about this one, of course. More than 188,000 people took a Twitter poll to vote on whether they thought the picture was a door or a beach.

Some people thought it was a door and maybe got a little heated about it.

I suppose if pressed I could make a case for this being a door, especially since one Twitter user turned it into a door inside a frame and it looks pretty realistic. Although if it's a door, where's the knob?

But if it's a beach, where are the clouds?

There were obviously people who saw a beach because I'm sure it's a beach and so they are very intelligent.

For the most part, people were just stressed out by the question. Especially when we have so many questions in our day already... just think about everything you have to go through in order to get the pizza you want. Isn't that enough?

Nope. People are still trying to figure out this mystery, no matter how badly it's messing with their heads.

I can't help feeling like it's too soon after the "Yanny vs. Laurel" debate to try another head scratcher like this on the internet. I'm sure you all remember that debacle. When social media influencer Cloe Feldman shared an audio recording of someone either saying "Yanny" or "Laurel," depending on the person. The clip was listened to over 28 million times, camps were formed, friendships lost. It was a dark time.

Fortunately for us, the latest door or beach debacle swiftly came to an end.

And guess what everyone? I was right. It's a beach.

As charming and funny as these sort of mind tests might seem to be, can we all just decide to take a little time off from them please? I have so few friends already, do I really want to lose them over a debate about a picture?

I mean, I like to be right so you know I'm definitely going to dig my heels in when pushed. But I would prefer not to be in that position for awhile, okay?