Watch This Kid Helplessly Spin In A Go-Kart

by Kaitlin Kimont

If the Monday blues hit you extra hard today, then this video of a kid spinning in a go-kart will certainly get you out of any slump. The video begins normally enough with two helmet-clad kids slowly crossing the finish line at an indoor go-kart track. But then, as a referee waves his flag, a third kid enters the frame, totally spinning out of control. And, for obvious reasons, the creative minds of the internet simply went nuts over the footage, creating some of the best memes and remixes you could possibly imagine.

It’s not clear whether the young kid in the original video — which was first posted last week, but gained viral traction earlier Monday — intentionally made his go-kart spin around and around as he finished the race, or if his car perhaps malfunctioned for some reason and he lost control of the wheel. Either way, the video is pure internet gold. And thankfully, while the little guy looks a little dizzy, he seems to be just fine when his go-kart finally comes to a stop.

"Kid's got a terrific future ahead of him," one YouTube viewer commented. "Jesus take the wheel!" another wrote.

One more viewer pointed out a perfect comparison, writing: "This is what happens if you use Mario Kart's banana on real life."

To understand how the internet became so spectacularly inspired, watch the original video below:

So many opportunities, so little time. But, fortunately, the internet tends to have a lot of time of its hands and created some pretty spot-on GIFs, memes, and more.

Here's one that added a "Shooting Stars" remix titled "Forever Spinning Kid On Go Kart" which has been watched nearly 350,000 times on YouTube and shared thousands of times on Twitter:

The nearly minute-long video shows the kid spinning all over outer space and beyond, on an ice-skating rink, and even on a Harlem Globetrotter's finger.

Here's a GIF of the highlights:

Here's another one someone created of a dog balancing the spinning kid as a human fidget spinner — the latest toy craze that's attracted attention from both kids and adults — and it's pretty impressive:

Another video shows the kid spinning into the music from the 2014 sci-fi movie Interstellar:

And someone else put together this incredibly relatable GIF:

We're more than halfway through 2017 and the internet has yet to disappoint, especially with this latest hilarious video and everything that ensued afterwards.

So thank you Spinning Go-Kart Kid, you've made many people's Mondays much brighter.