OMG, Every Truck-Loving Kid *Needs* This Ride-On Recycling Truck — FIRST LOOK

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Does your little one look at big trucks rolling by with absolute awe, ready to jump on and steer? Are they also extra passionate about sorting your plastic milk jugs from the empty vegetable cans? The Real Rigs Recycling Truck Ride-On Toy from Kid Trax is perfect for future planet protectors everywhere and Romper has your exclusive first look.

If your child waits by the window for the garbage truck on a plain old weekday with as much excitement as they do when they first wake up on Christmas morning, they absolutely need this new ride-on toy. Made by Pacific Cycle's Kid Trax brand, it looks so fun that even my adult self would have absolutely no shame taking it for a spin. And if your kid isn't familiar with the recycling process just yet, but is as equally obsessed with trucks as the next toddler, this is the perfect toy to help introduce the all-important concept.

The Real Rigs Recycling Truck is not your toddler's typical ride-on toy. Not only does the vehicle really work and move for your kiddo to take a ride on it, but it is completely interactive. The truck has this expressive face on the front (think cartoon-like with a cheery smile and wide eyes) that reacts to your child. With more than 100 voice lines, sound effects, and songs, this truck takes ride-on fun to an entirely new level. Your child can learn through play as they steer, ride, collect, interact and navigate the world of recycling with this new ride-on truck.

Best suited for toddlers ages 18 months to 4 years, the steering wheel and hatch-operating handle are perfectly-sized for tiny toddler hands. The vehicle's speed tops out at a whopping 1.5 miles per hour, so you can feel comfortable and safe letting little ones go for a ride like their garbage and recycling truck heroes. It also features Power Trax rubber strip tires, and has a rechargeable 6-volt battery.

The truck comes with nine recyclable accessories like pretend ketchup bottles and cardboard boxes that your child can sort by type as they put them into the back of the truck before they begin their make-believe journey to the local recycling facility. I mean, if they don't already have a good grasp on which type of recyclable goes where, this toy could be the perfect teaching tool.

Available for purchase online at Target, Amazon, and at in September and retailing for $199, this unique ride-on toy already has me thinking about planning for Christmas gifts. If you know a toddler who would squeal with absolute delight operating their very own recycling truck that's just their size, you're going to want to keep the Real Rigs Recycling Truck Ride-On Toy in mind to help make their trash-collecting dreams come true.

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