The Kind Of Parent You'll Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Regardless of whether you believe in astrology or not, you have to admit that it can be strangely on point pretty often. Especially once you find yourself diving deeply into horoscopes and carefully calculating dates, supplementary signs (like your rising sign), and more, you may find that the information eerily accurate. So if you've ever been curious how the stars affect you as a mom, here's the kind of parent you'll be based on your sign. Because honestly, there's not a single thing off about turning to astrology for some pretty cool answers.

As a Capricorn, diving further and further into my own sign showed me how spot on some of the information can be on my general personality, approach to parenting, and even some of my flaws that could stand to be put in check. My sign tells me that I'm hard-working and strong-willed but sometimes that comes off as removed or unwilling to let my hair down, and I actually definitely am that way.

But zodiac signs aren't just for identifying your own personal characteristics; they're also helpful in being aware of what influences your personality and why you may lean toward a certain choice over another. Understanding the astrology behind why people act the way that they do can surprisingly go a long way in helping you figure out your parenting style and address anything you want to highlight or change.

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Here is the kind of parent you are based off your sign that you may find helpful, and at the very least, fun to read.

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You know those moms that seem to have endless energy and are upbeat about everything? Don't be surprised if they're an Aries. An Aries' fire element makes them a warrior, says Babble, with boundless limits and natural leadership instincts. Being the first sign in the zodiac, you're also likely to be the first in line to try new things with your little ones. Whether you have an only child or a van full of kiddos, you stand strong.

Words of advice: Be careful to not let your fiery passion become overbearing. Aries are known for having a short fuse, so take a step back next time you find yourself boiling over.



Taurus is a well-grounded earth sign, and this spills over into parenting life too. Fundamentals and routine are your bread and butter as parents, shared Momscopes. Steady and determined, your care and security is the foundation of your family. As you remain a constant piece of comfort in your children's lives, you also encourage them to go out on their own and explore.

Words of advice: Sometimes your determination can turn into stubbornness. Although your intent always comes from a good place, you'll need to remind yourself to pick your battles once and a while.



You're likely the cool, hip mom of the bunch. As a mom born under the sign of twins, Rebel Circus stated that you probably have very well-informed and up-to-date kids. You're a social sign, so you value conversation, which makes your family a joy to have around at gatherings and dinners. With your kids, your imagination and curiosity makes it easy to connect and see things from a young-at-heart perspective.

Words of advice: Remember to ground yourself from time to time. As an extremely social and curious sign, it can be easy to throw boundaries out the door.

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If your maternal instincts seem on point, or in other words, you always feel the need to be the caring nurturer, BuzzFeed shared that's because you're a natural. You might've been referred to as the "mom" of all your friend circles growing up too. Family is the most important thing to you, and chances are you think that's a pretty awesome thing to share with others.

Words of advice: Because you gravitate toward the care and nurture of others, sometimes it gets overbearing. Don't forget to allow those you love to make their own mistakes from time to time.



Your playful, light-hearted, yet over-the-top energy is a huge piece of your personality as a mom. You're a natural born leader with creativity oozing from you at every turn, according to Marie Claire. When it comes to parenting, that expression does not cease to exist. Leading your children through life is your ultimate personal project, and you take pride in a hands-on approach to helping them excel.

Words of wisdom: It's no secret you have a flair for the dramatic, which is all in good fun. But it's easy to get wrapped up in dramatic flair and instead create drama. Remember to note how others might perceive a situation before charging forward.



"Virgos are the control freaks of the zodiac," shared astrologer Angel Eyedealism with The Bump. In general, things are your way or the highway – no matter what. Chances are you're also known for calling the doctor with any minor concern with your kids and probably a bit of a germaphobe too, but that's OK, because it's how you express care and concern. With your type-A tendencies also comes a very logical and frugal approach to business and finances, which you pass along to your little ones.

Words of wisdom: Be careful not to harshly criticize those you love too often. Instead, try to mindfully offer constructive criticism.

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As a Libra, you're very much a free-range parent. You're the ultimate "chill mom" and think it's important to let your kids discover who they are without forcing anything upon them, states The Talko. Because of your laid-back personality, your kids often feel they can come to you with their problems, which gives you both the ability to express yourselves freely. Your house could also easily become a hangout for all your kids' friends because it comes naturally for you to watch over them without it feeling like parental surveillance.

Words of wisdom: Your laid back attitude can sometimes slip into a lazy slump. If you notice yourself dipping into a rut, focus on more hands-on activities to get yourself into a routine, which you feel is lacking.



Your parenting style is one you choose and stick to — no exceptions. Although you're clearly the foundation of your family and a force to be reckoned with, you're also complex and constantly growing, according to Your Tango. You want to control some aspects of your kids' lives one moment but the next you could feel it's necessary to let them make their own mistakes. Whatever you feel is best is what goes. Because you're so passionate about leading your family, you make your home the absolute best sanctuary it can be for everyone.

Words of wisdom: Although there's no question your kids will respect you, your intensity could scare them off from time to time too, and that's hard for you to swallow. Just remember to let your guard down occasionally to remind those around you they can talk to you.



You're the ultimate adventurer and life coach parent, shared Momscopes. You rarely take a breath but you do enjoy taking risks. Expanding your knowledge (and travel log) offers your little ones a plethora of new experiences and life lessons they can cherish forever. Enrichment and humor are never lacking from your kids' lives, and wherever you go, you haven no problem carting the kids along either.

Words of wisdom: Your appetite for adventure and change can also result in difficulty paying attention to one thing or staying in one place. Remember to consciously make an effort to create a sense of steadfastness in your family too.

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As a Capricorn mom, you're a constant, foundational point of comfort and support in your kids' lives. You might not always understand or even agree with your kids' choices, states Refinery29, but there's absolutely no question as to whose corner you're in. You're hard-working and don't put up with nonsense – from your kids or anyone else around you. And once you make a decision, there's a slim chance you'll change your mind. Because of your confidence and headstrong tendencies, your moral compass is on point, and you make sure your kids know it too.

Words of wisdom: Your hard-working and strong-willed personality can sometimes come across as impatient or cold. Remember to take your eyes off the prize from time to time and offer nurturing words. Mix in play with hard work, and it'll go a long way.



Having been born under the humanitarian sign, you're an extremely interesting individual who will likely raise her kids to be empathic and aware, according to Babble. You despise conventional ways, and therefore can take on a number of roles in order to make a difference. You're a big advocate of expression too, and your kids likely love that they can be a free spirit with you.

Words of wisdom: Although you strive to tackle the issues surrounding the world today, your kids might struggle to talk to you about their own problems. Take the time to remind them you care about them above all else on occasion, even if one-on-one emotional encounters with your own kin can be difficult.



As a Pisces, you're kind and nurturing and those traits weigh heavily on your parenting style too, says Women Working. Practicality comes in second to your intuition and feelings, which are almost always on point. You're generally creative, musical, and encourage your kids to stay in tune with their emotions and inner self.

Words of wisdom: Because of your sensitivity, you can take your kids actions and words too personally from time to time. Remember that often your kids are just being kids, and it isn't worth dwelling over every tiny thing.

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