The Lady Gaga & Leonardo DiCaprio Golden Globes GIF & 19 Other Great GIFs From The 2016 Golden Globes

There was no shortage of interesting moments at the 2016 Golden Globes — some hilarious, some uncouth, some confusing, and some just plain amazing. So in addition to scrolling through red carpet photos, you also need to check out the most important GIFs of the Globes, where all of these caught-on-camera instances are immortalized.

Of course the Golden Globes are going to be a night full of GIF-worthy interactions. The award show is notoriously considered to be more of a party than a ceremonious affair, like the Oscars. There's less pressure, there's the combination of film and television people, and — most of all — there's a lot of alcohol.

As these stars get a chance to drink and hang out with their other A-list friends, there are always bound to be exchanges between actors that are worth playing over again and again in the form of GIF. From walking the red carpet to accepting the Best Motion Picture — Drama award, the 2016 Globes were full of funny snippets that are bound to become some of the best reaction GIFs of the year.

The one GIF everyone is looking for? That moment between Leonardo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga. That is some serious side-eye, Mr. DiCaprio...

Seriously, look at that side-eye!

These are the kind of unscripted, unexpected moments we're talking about. And while the Gaga/DiCaprio interaction is sure to win the Golden Globe for Best GIF, here are 19 other contenders:


Leonado DiCaprio Wins! And Then It's Awkward

When your friend goes in for the fist bump but you don't catch on in time.


Cookies From Cookie

Yaaaaas, Queen!


Matt Damon's Truth Bomb

You can't win 'em all...but you can still win a Golden Globe.


J.Law and A.Shu Forever

You. Better. WORK.


Rachel Bloom's Triumph

She stopped the presenters right in their tracks with that well-deserved celebration.


Katy Perry's Confusion

"Wait...I'm a singer, not an actor..."


Zendaya's Dress

Damn, girl!


Will Ferrell And Mark Wahlberg's Request

How I feel before coffee.


Taraji P. Henson's Sass

Girl won a Golden Globe, of course she's gonna take her time.


Aziz Ansari And Ryan Seacrest Shake On It

They're such good buds, they even have a 'Seacrest' handshake


The Smize

It's all in the eyes, ladies and gentlemen.


Amy Schumer Breaks It Down

Shake what yo' mama gave ya.


The Moment Your Heart Burst

How can you even handle the handsomeness?


Slo-Mo Seacrest

How you feel on Friday afternoon. Weekend, I'm coming for you.


Alan Cumming's Shock

Cumming, like the rest of us, could not believe what Ricky Gervais said to Mel Gibson on live TV.


When Sylvester Stallone Made You Very Emotional

We love you too, Rocky.


Oh My God!

Kate Winslet wns Best Supporting Actress and literally cannot believe it.


Ridley Scott Is Unimpressed

He has better places to be.


Jennifer Lawrence Being Jennifer Lawrence

It's a party, and she's having fun!

Images: VALERIE MACON/Getty; Giphy (21)