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Um, Laura Ashley Is *Back* With Urban Outfitters, & I'm Going To Need All The Toile

I am what's known as a sentimental nostalgic. (I just made up that term.) Any mention of things gone past or traditions, and I'm immediately misty-eyed, my heart beating wildly. When those ideas are also things that remind me deeply of my own childhood — well. There ain't no holding me back. I was born in 1988, so I was a kid right in the peak of the '90s. Which means anything that reminds me of Nickelodeon slime or floral, ruffly dresses makes me super excited. And that latter is why I'm scuh-REAMING about the Laura Ashley Urban Outfitters collab. You guys. Let's dissect this.

Laura Ashley is the pinnacle of '90s girl fashion. I'm fairly sure I had half a dozen of these long floral dresses with the giant lacy bibs up top. (I can't remember the killer hats, but obviously now I need all of them.) My elementary school photos for a while there make me look like Laura Ingalls Wilder and you know what, I'm OK with that. I love florals, I love ruffles, I love dressing a little girl like she's going to a one-room schoolhouse. So bringing Laura Ashley back? You guys. It's the same sweet floral charm as before, but with an updated twist, and I'm ready to buy it all. There are even bed sheets. My entire house is going to look like a charming Lifetime movie bed and breakfast.

According to Today, Laura Ashley and Urban Outfitters have teamed up before on clothing, but now the line has expanded. From swimsuits and hair accessories to removable wallpaper, you can take the charm of this iconic '90s brand and weave it into your entire lifestyle. I'm particularly in love with the bow scrunchie and the off-the-shoulder midi dress.

The prices are pretty level with most Urban Outfitters lines, and range from $129 to $8 depending on the item. I'm just eagerly awaiting on a relaunch of the matching kid sets so I can dress my two little girls like they're always ready for an Easter photoshoot.

This new expansion is timed perfectly with spring — the season of Laura Ashley — and just seeing all the sweet pops of floral is enough to make me want to redo my entire closet. From biker shorts to adorable bikinis and peplum tops, the brand has certainly changed from the puffy sleeved dresses of the '90s. But this updated style doesn't lose the allure and charm of Laura Ashley — the brand synonymous with sweet and precious.

If the Urban Outfitters twist isn't enough for you, you can also check out the actual Laura Ashley website for more products and clothing. I had no idea the brand was still around in this capacity, and now I'm sitting here drooling over these appliquéd gingham dresses like they are all my girls ever need in this world. (And seriously, the prices are a dream, so it's not like I couldn't make their entire closet Laura Ashley, right?)