Bulldogs are great lazy pups for families.
If Your Family Wants A Super Snuggly Pup, Experts Say These Are The Best Breeds

When you’re looking to welcome a four-legged friend into your family, you'll need to gauge your prospective pet's activity level. After all, some people want a dog that will be their workout buddy and will take long runs with them. And, well, there’s the rest of us, who prefer a cuddly couch potato canine to binge watch Bravo without judgment. So which are the laziest lap dog breeds? Well, they come in all shapes... and sizes.

Some dogs are known for their high activity level, like a German Shepherd or a Russell Terrier. And others are infamous for constantly trying to herd everyone in the house (we’re looking at you, Border Collies). But sometimes, your family just wants a dog that knows how to chill with the best of them, who doesn’t necessarily mind if you don’t run a mile that day, and whose main goal is to soak up the sun and smell the roses. “If you have a busy family life, a lazy dog will be the perfect addition,” Steffi Trott, a professional dog trainer in Albuquerque, NM, tells Romper. ‘’He will be happy to come with you to the park or outings, but can just as well curl up and sleep the day away.”

If you’re looking for a low-key canine, these lazy lap dog breeds definitely qualify. And while some of these dogs might not necessarily qualify as “lap dogs” due to their size, they’re all snuggle monsters who love to laze about—perhaps just like their owners.


Basset Hounds

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With their sad eyes and floppy ears, you might not expect that a basset hound would be a ball of energy — and you’d be right. “Basset hounds would rather sit on the couch than go outside and play,” Dr. Sara Ochoa, DVM, a veterinarian in Texas, tells Romper. “These are the dogs that you see at the dog parks just lying around and not playing.”




Despite their substantial size, mastiffs are not big on being active. They don’t require a lot of exercise, but you should still get them out to ensure that they stay healthy, Pet Assure reported. They prefer cool conditions, so make sure to have the AC on to prevent them from overheating. “Some very tall dogs like Great Danes, Salukis, and Mastiffs make fantastic lazy dogs that will love to lay on your lap,” says Trott. “At least, the part of their body that can fit there!”




Comical and cute, bulldogs rank among the laziest of lap dogs. “These dogs are very lazy,” says Ochoa. But their sloth-like nature might be more due to a biological necessity than anything else. “It could attributed to all their rolls and smushed up face that can cause them breathing problems."


Italian Greyhounds

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Although they’re known for racing and running, Italian Greyhounds can be surprisingly easygoing and chill. “This gentle and beautiful breed is the cat among dogs,” Trott tells Romper. “Greyhounds (and their smaller relatives Whippets and Italian Greyhounds), love to take very long naps.” Greyhounds only require short walks or a quick off-leash run — but always in an enclosed area.




If you’re looking for a fun dog breed that prefers hanging out in your lap rather than running, the pug is it. It’s a low-maintenance breed that actually prefers to hang out rather than exercise. “Pugs are happy with very short walks, like 20 minutes or less, and will happily sleep in a comfy dog bed the rest of the time,” says Trott. In fact, pugs shouldn’t be over-exercised due to their breathing issues, and would much prefer to play or snooze the day away.


Shih Tzus


A perfect choice for an apartment dog or less athletic owners, the shih tzu is a toy breed that doesn’t need a lot of exercise. In fact, the shih tzu was bred to be a companion pet, the American Kennel Club reported. This low-key canine would like nothing more than to lounge in your lap, and play with your kids. And when you do take them out, be sure to do it in short stints. “Their short noses and legs make slow and restricted walks necessary,” advises Trott. “They can easily overheat and need to take it easy.”




Similar to the Shih Tzu, the Pekingese is a sweet dog that was bred to be a companion animal for the imperial family of China, Dogtime reported. Due to its overabundance of fur, it doesn’t take kindly to the heat and hot weather, so you’ll have to limit it to short walks when it's sweltering outside. It’s not a highly energetic dog, and loves being with its family. “The Pekingese sleep and snuggle up to 20 hours a day and spend their waking time happily observing the world from their owner's lap,” says Trott.


Saint Bernard


These water dogs would much prefer to snooze on the couch than work up a sweat. Their sweet nature makes them ideal for playing with kids and other pets. Just make sure to keep it cool, since the Swiss-bred Saint Bernard likes things on the cooler side.

Truly, any dog can be a lazy dog, but these breeds tend to prefer just being in your presence more than anything else. They’re great with families and kids, will go with the flow, curl up, and sleep the day away.


Steffi Trott, a professional dog trainer in Albuquerque, NM

Dr. Sara Ochoa, DVM, a veterinarian in Texas