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Yes, You've Probably Seen The Cast Of 'Love Under The Rainbows' Before

Rainbows might be proof that magic is real — but so is a great Hallmark Channel movie. Love Under the Rainbow premieres on Mar. 9, and if you're a sucker for romantic films that sweep you off your feet, then this one will surely check off every box, including a few familiar faces that will have you rooting for them from the very beginning. So, who is in the Love Under the Rainbow cast?

Chances are, you'll immediately recognize Lucy from Love Under the Rainbow — especially if you were into family-friendly television in the '90s. Lucy is played by Jodie Sweetin, who is best known for role as the spunky middle sister, Stephanie Tanner, in Full House and its spinoff sequel on Netflix, Fuller House.

While Sweetin seemed to keep her career low key following the end of Full House in 1995, she appeared in a number of smaller roles, including the unscripted comedy Hollywood Darlings, where she and her fellow actress friends, Beverly Mitchell and Christine Lakin, played exaggerated versions of themselves. Sweetin is also no stranger to the nature of the Hallmark Channel. She starred in the 2017 Christmas movie, Finding Santa, opposite Eric Winter. She then snagged the lead for Entertaining Christmas, with Brendan Fehr, in 2018.

If you're well-seasoned in movies that have aired on Hallmark, you'll probably recognize the man starring alongside Sweetin in Love Under the Rainbow. Jack is played by David Haydn-Jones, who has been in Bridal Wave, opposite Erin Krakow, A Cookie Cutter Christmas, opposite Arielle Kebbel, My Christmas Dream with Danica McKellar, and in the Hallmark original, A Bramble House Christmas, with Autumn Reeser.

The actor has also nabbed a few roles outside of the romantic movie circuit. Supernatural fans will recognize Haydn-Jones for his recurring role as the British assassin, Arthur Ketch. Haydn-Jones has also made appearances on popular shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the original Charmed, NCIS, Judging Amy, Criminal Minds, and the Canadian series Rumours.

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She may only be 13-years-old, but there's a chance that you've already seen the little girl on Love Under the Rainbow before. Dakota Guppy plays Sophie in the film and while she may be considered a newcomer compared to her adult co-stars, she has been in A&E's The Returned, Netflix's Travelers, and the children's series Scout & the Gumboot Kids. She has also been a number of television movies that appeared on the Hallmark Channel, such as Sleigh Bells Ring, A Heavenly Christmas, and In My Dreams.

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According to the trailer, Love Under the Rainbows will tell the love story of Lucy and Jack after she accidentally spills some coffee on him. Classic. As it turns out, Lucy is the teacher of Jack's daughter, Sophie, and Jack is a widower. However, Lucy and Jack are afraid of letting each other in. Later in the movie, Sophie chooses to make her science fair project about rainbows in an effort to show people that life is full of magic. But, can Jack and Sophie teach Lucy that it's never too late to start chasing rainbows? Viewers will have to stay tunes to watch this story unfold.

Love Under the Rainbow premieres Mar. 9 on Hallmark Channel.