Accio Mini Boden's Harry Potter Collection & Turn Your Kids Into Hogwarts Students

Preparing my 5-year-old for kindergarten looked a lot like taking her shopping for all of the things, and introducing her to the most magical school in the world: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It didn't take long for my little girl to become totally obsessed with Harry Potter, and she's been calling her first day of kindergarten her "first day of Hogwarts" instead. I mean, transfiguration class versus kindergarten art? No contest. But this newfound love of hers is why I'm so obsessed with the Mini Boden Harry Potter collection. You guys, it's finally here, and you're going to want every piece for your own little Hogwarts student.

There's been a lot of talk about this collection over the summer, but the line has officially launched today, Aug. 5. The 81-piece collection was created in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, so you know you're getting legit Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin wear for all your kiddos, and I do mean all. The collection is created for newborns to 16-year-olds. Everything from the prints to the embroidery is inspired by the wizarding world, and you're going to want every single piece in your kid's closet faster than you can say quidditch. (And if you want them to look like they're a quidditch player, even better.)

I've forever been obsessed with Mini Boden and its timeless, classic, fun looks for kids. I've always wanted my little girls to look and dress like little girls, and to me, that means a lot of whimsy, clothing built to last, and a heavy dose of magic. The Mini Boden Harry Potter collection has all of that in spades. It's everything you love about Mini Boden, but the pure magic of Harry and his adventures is woven in beautifully. You don't have to be a fan of character-emblazoned clothing or items that are covered in movie quotes and logos to love this collection either. This line is as unique as a golden snitch because the pieces aren't just Harry Potter-themed. Truly, they look like they belong in Harry's world. No one will know your kid's a muggle in this stuff is what I'm saying.

Just look at this sweet printed dress covered in some favorite icons from the series. Luna's glasses, the flying key from the first book, Hedwig, the Tri-Wizard cup, Neville's toad Trevor — just so creative and fun. And for young kids, like my own daughter, that love the series, it's a really sweet way for them to feel connected to their favorite moments while still wearing clothing you love and feel good about.

I literally can not with these Harry Potter pajamas. The colors, the glasses, the perfect lightning bolt — crikey.

For the child that loves a bit of sparkle, there's this hippogriff tulle skirt. I know. You didn't know your kid needed one until right now, right?

Also did I mention that I have a 9-month-old daughter that would look absolutely darling as Hedwig? This adorable romper (available to purchase October 7) is obviously a must-have on its own, but could even work for a sweet Halloween costume later this year.

The detail in the Mini Boden Harry Potter collection is truly exquisite. From highlighting icons of the series that only true fans would notice (like Luna's specs) to the feathers of Hedwig on this gorgeous red sweater above, it's obvious the designers really wanted to bring the magic of the series to life in the clothes. They make kids feel like they're part of that wizarding world, and I know that if my own girl had a Gryffindor sweater on the first day of school, she'd feel exactly like she was heading into Hogwarts. I mean, potions with Snape is better than literally any muggle class, right?

No matter which piece is your favorite, they're all pretty smartly priced, and are available on the Mini Boden website today. And if you think you're in love now, just wait for the Oct. 7 collection timed with Halloween and Christmas. I can't wait. I'm already so deeply immersed into this world with this first collection, I might as well be in the Great Hall, drinking pumpkin juice and avoiding a troll in the girls' bathroom.

Edit note: This article has been updated to clarify the purchase date of the owl suit.