There Is A Mini Henry Hoover For Your Kids & You Guys, It Actually *Works*

We have so many creatures with hair in our house, that it’s the wild west over here with tumbleweeds of fur. We have two dogs, two cats, two shedding humans with thick hair, and a baby (who may or may not shed hair, too). While I’d love to say I have time to vacuum several times a week — with a 10-month-old, four animals, and both of us working — I just don't. We’re lucky to vacuum once a week timing it around the baby’s naps. Sound familiar? Enter the mini Casdon Henry Vacuum, the kid-sized vacuum that really works. And while my kid is still too young for this, perhaps we should purchase it for him as a gift when he gets older, because the more hands holding a vacuum in this house, the better. And he’ll learn some valuable housekeeping skills that he can use with his family.

The Cadson Henry Vacuum is available at Target for only $33, and if you have a kid who loves to pretend to be a grownup and mimic everything you do, this may be the perfect win-win toy for the entire family. They’ll be learning new skills, having fun, and cleaning the house. Most montessori families have the mop, broom, and dustpan set for their kids to have fun while learning important skills — just think of this vacuum cleaner as the next step up.

The Cadson Henry vacuum is a miniature replica of the original Henry vacuums, but he has a smiling face because everyone is happy to vacuum, right? Right? There’s a removable drawer for all of that pet hair your kid will be vacuuming, and it’s easy to empty. There’s also a hose and “T-Shaped” nozzle and fake cord (because it’s battery operated) to look like the original vacuum. The description says your “little helper will really feel part of your world while developing essential life skills.” Sold.

The reviews on Walmart’s website are pretty positive, with one mom saying her son loves mimicking everything her husband does, and since he’s a builder, he uses a shop vac. So this toy is the perfect match. Another satisfied customer says their grandson loves to help mom clean with Henry and he has “even started vacuuming his dad’s hair.” Now I’m not sure if that’s a plus — especially for dad — but at least the kid is having fun and learning how to clean.

Whether you have a billion animals like my family, you just want some help with the chores, or your kid just loves to clean, mimic you, or play house, the Cadson Henry vacuum is a great toy the entire family can appreciate. Now excuse me, writing this made me realize I really need to go try to vacuum the house so my son's onesie doesn't look like a fur suit after he crawls around. I kid, I kid. But seriously, someone please buy this vacuum for me when he's old enough to walk around and use it, OK?