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Nominate Your Favorite Parenting Blogger For A People's Choice Iris Award!

It may take a proverbial village to make modern parenting — and, you know, life — possible, but these days, with friends and family often living so far apart (I miss you, Mom!), our virtual “villages” are often just as meaningful and necessary as the people we see IRL. The ~Internet~ gets a lot of flack, but as parents, we know the value of those connections. That’s why Romper is thrilled to partner this year with Mom 2.0 to present the coveted and truly meaningful "People's Choice" award for favorite parenting blog. No matter where they — or we — are in the world, these are the fellow parents we can turn to when we’re up in the middle of the night and realllly need a good laugh, or a good cry, or just a reminder that no matter what our dilemma, we are in no way alone.

Since our first post went live just over three years ago, two core tenets of Romper's mission have been inclusivity and a respect for moms as the experts on their own children. We provide answers to those questions new parents are Googling at 3 a.m, and we share important news, but maybe even more importantly, every day, we tell as many personal stories as we can, uplifting the voices of parents from all walks of life. And we recognize and appreciate all of our fellow storytellers out there who are not only shining a light of connection out into the world, but who are doing the admirable, inspiring work of making a living in the digital space.

And now we want to know who your favorites are! You have until April 5 to click on this link to tell us about the parenting blogs you absolutely love and can’t imagine going through this wild human-rearing journey without. As Mom 2.0’s national media partner, Romper will be at the 2019 Summit in Austin this April, where we’ll present this year’s People’s Choice Winner at the Iris Awards… and we cannot wait.

The Iris Awards are the parenting community’s Oscars, if you will, and we are so proud to be working alongside the Mom 2.0 team to shine a giant spotlight on the digital successes, business acumen, and astonishing creativity demonstrated by true leaders in the world of female entrepreneurship and storytelling. Honoring excellence in online media in categories such as writing, photography, videography, brand campaigns, design, and other talents, the night is an annual recognition of the individual achievements and collective ingenuity in this ever expanding and impactful community.

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Recent Iris Awards hosts have included Andrew McCarthy, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Taye Diggs, and past Iris Award winners include luminaries such as Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess), A Cup of Jo founder Joanna Goddard, Asha Dornfest of Parent Hacks, and Amiyrah Martin of 4 Hats and Frugal. Last year’s People’s Choice Award went to Kristin V. Shaw, a beloved Austin-based writer and content producer — and now it’s time to pick 2019’s honorees!

The call for nominations will be open until midnight on Friday, April 5. Nominees will be named on April 8, and we'll be announcing the winner at the annual Iris Awards on Friday, April 26 (and yes, the awards will be live-streamed!). This is such a great way to show the people whose stories you know so well just how much they mean to you.