OK, This List Of The Most Popular Home Decor Items In Each State Is Really Surprising

We've been in our home for almost a year, and there are still entire areas of our house untouched. Basically, I had no idea it was going to take so long to make our home feel "finished," and the more people I talk to, the more I think there is no such thing. It's why everyone loves running to Target for a new pillow or HomeGoods for a cute soap dispenser — decorating your home and making it feel like you is a fun work in progress. But it's amazing to me how different the most popular home decor items can vary from person to person, let alone state to state. One person's throw pillow is another person's bar tray, and even entire regions can differ in their home decor wants and needs.

Next Day Blinds, a window treatment supplier, recently pulled together data on each state's most popular home decor. They started by looking at the most commonly purchased home items based off of popular home decor store websites like Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Target. From there, they tracked Google shopping data, and found some really surprising results. Honestly, I can't believe patio string lights, succulents, and vintage maps didn't make this list, but that could just be the Pinterest browser in me talking. (I mean, that's really all I see making up these home tours.) But if you're curious about what item your state is lusting after the most, here are the most popular decor items. (Alternate ending: I'm really disappointed in you, Georgia.)



OK, this was the number one home decor item in five different states — Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, and Virginia — and it seriously blows my mind. Trays. Like, it's never occurred to me to shop for a tray. (Of course, now I'm thinking of all the mega cute trays I can find for the half bath, our bar, and the coffee table.)



Mirrors are always a popular home decor item, but especially so in Idaho, Louisiana, New York, and West Virginia. This one I can really get behind. I've been looking for a mirror above my dining room buffet for months now and still haven't found one that feels right.


Wall Decor

OK, wall decor is super broad, so I wish I could get some details here. This was also a top choice for four states: Arizona, Montana, New Hampshire, and North Dakota. But now I need to know exactly what kind of wall decor these states were looking for. Resin cacti for the wall? Geometrical succulent wall planters? Giant spoons and forks for the kitchen?


Wall Art

Another broad topic, but more specific than just wall "decor." In Florida, Illinois, and Vermont, this is the most shopped for item of home decor. I'll be the first to say that I'm totally overwhelmed by wall art, which is why there's like zero in my home. But I'm working on it. Maybe these states could give me some search pointers.



Wallpaper, yes. It used to sound like such a dated way to decorate your home, but now I'm obsessed with finding some. In Kansas, Nevada, and Ohio, others are also looking for the perfect accent wall (or entire room) to showcase some fab wallpaper. This is another overwhelming search that's led me to just shut down the computer if I'm honest. Too many choices! Too pretty!


Bar Carts

OK, you guys, I have a bar cart and it's like one of my favorite things in our home. I love to decorate it for each season (like Christmas glasses and tiny wreaths in December and pumpkins with our copper mule mugs in October), and it's super easy to roll from the living room where it usually sits to the den or dining room if we're having a lot of people over. Apparently these are definite must-have items according to Pinterest and those searching for them in New Mexico and Tennessee. Next Day Blinds theorized that Tennessee, a state known for its whiskey, had the highest search volume for bar carts for a very good reason.



Frames are basically a staple of home decor. I have some piled up in a closet, just waiting for photos, yet I continue to buy more every time I go to Target. (Sorry, husband.) Oklahoma and Rhode Island residents must love them, too. Isn't this so fascinating? Why do you think out of 50 states those two are the ones searching frames the most? What does it all mean?



If the word pouf itself doesn't make you happy, then you just need to buy a few to fill your house. My mom has so many of these around, and they're great for kids, cats, and occasionally mom feet when you get a chance to relax. In Alabama and Kentucky, this is the most searched for item, and now I'm convinced I need to join these southern states and find more for my own house.



Another super broad term, but I'm still so intrigued by this. Why are Hawaii and Maine searching for so many prints? I have some theories. I assume in Hawaii a lot of people are outfitting beach houses and condos with prints, but maybe Maine has a ton of winter homes? Or maybe they just like prints. Why am I reading so much into this?



Rugs — another mega overwhelming search, but one I'm especially obsessed with. So are Iowa and Oregon. Now, do we think they want outdoor rugs? Entryway rugs? Rugs for nurseries? Rugs for dining rooms?

Next Day Blinds



Arkansas and Pennsylvania residents are spending their home decor search time looking for slipcovers, which makes me wonder — do these states have the most kids? Why so many slipcovers?


Throw Pillows

Give me all the throw pillows. Except sometimes they're really expensive, so you have to choose your favorites. And if you're like me and married to someone who throws every decorative pillow on the floor like a neanderthal, you may be searching for even more just to annoy them. Join the ranks of those in South Dakota and Wisconsin who are looking for the same items.



OK, I need all the baskets at all the times. When you have a 4-year-old, are a bit of a hoarder yourself, and a baby on the way, you'll be as anxious as residents in North Carolina and will spend all your time searching for baskets. Seriously, this request may be broad, but it's broad for a good reason — baskets are so versatile.



Bins, like baskets, are a necessary part of your home's storage capabilities. In Utah, this is the most searched for home decor item, so I can only imagine all of the organizing residents are wanting to get done in their homes.



OK, this is mega broad, Massachusetts. What exactly are you searching for? Bright, happy plants when you're in the middle of a blizzard? Succulents for your trendy office? Flowers to fill every room of your Cape Cod storybook house? I have to know. (Also, I just did a search because I had to know what comes up when you just search "botanicals" in the shopping areas. There's everything from botanical prints to botanical-scented diffusers and even botanical-scented laundry detergent. A win for everyone.)



Another broad topic, but one that needs ~thoughts~ for sure. I personally prefer choosing candles by wandering the aisles of Target or Bath and Body Works and sniffing each one, but those in Minnesota apparently prefer Googling for it. Maybe it's too snowy there to go out?


Centerpiece Bowls

OK, yes. I love this search. Centerpiece bowls are so important if you want to make the Martha Stewart Thanksgiving tablescape of your dreams, and California gets it. This one makes absolute total sense. (Also, centerpiece bowls are so great for everything. Please get yourself some.)



I'm really disappointed in my home state. Diffusers, really? I don't care if you love essential oils, but Georgia, we can do better than this.



I'm going to need more details. Why are so many people in Texas searching for figurines? And what kind of figurines do they want? Is there also a surplus of china cabinets to hold these figurines?



OK, those in Alaska are searching for hearth... just hearth. I mean, I know it gets cold in Alaska, but are that many people really looking for the floor of their fireplace?

Next Day Blinds


Home Fragrance

OK, who is searching this? I'm looking at you, Delaware. Are you looking for DIY home fragrance options, or you just want to know what brand of air freshener to buy? To be honest, this is as boring as Georgia's diffusers and you guys should just get together to figure this out.



I can not believe that Washington produces the most apples in the United States and has so many people looking for jars. Are they canning all these apples? Do they just want jars all over the house to hold things? Are they also the state of rustic weddings? What is happening up there?


Jewelry Boxes

Those in Nebraska are looking for jewelry boxes and I get it. There are so many that are cute but lack function, and some that are just too boring to even have in your house, let alone to hold all of your necklaces and accessories. Good luck, Nebraska.



Wyoming is the state looking for lanterns, and while I don't have a theory as to why, I do agree that lanterns are worth a Google search or two. We had some of these at our own wedding (#basic) and I'm obsessed with them for the outdoors.


Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures sound boring, but man — what an overwhelming topic. This is the top decor item search in New Jersey and I get it. Whether you're looking for a chandelier, an over-the-headboard lamp, or just need a fresh update on your current fixtures, this is one search everyone recognizes.



Platters, much like trays, really haven't taken up much of my brain power. But I also have a ton that I love for entertaining, so I salute those in Missouri looking for them.


Throw Blankets

We have a million throw blankets in our house, but it doesn't stop someone from asking me, "Hey, do you have a blanket?" when they come over. You can probably thank my kid for dragging them all over the house instead of leaving them where they're supposed to go, but I also just think you can never have enough. Apparently those in Connecticut agree. I mean, it does get cold there.



Every time I think of a vase, I think of that episode of The Brady Bunch where Peter breaks his mom's vase and everyone tries to cover up for him. "Don't play ball in the house," right? I'm sure those in the District of Columbia are implementing the same rule since so many of them are looking for vases.


Wall Shelves

Yes, I love a good wall shelf. It took me a long time to choose some for our kitchen, so I get why so many people in Indiana are looking for them. Now if only I could decide on some for the rest of the house.


Window Treatments

And finally, another super broad one from the great state of South Carolina: window treatments. South Carolina is mega hot and mega humid, so I like to imagine they're really just looking for some relief with this search. But it's also a state full of fine, southern things, so maybe they're just updating the huge antebellum mansions with great curtains and blinds? Ah. Either way, now I want some sweet tea.

For the full list of top decor items, here they are broken down by state:

Alabama: Poufs

Alaska: Hearth

Arizona: Wall Decor

Arkansas: Slip Covers

California: Centerpiece Bowls

Colorado: Trays

Connecticut: Throw Blankets

Delaware: Home Fragrance

District of Columbia: Vases

Florida: Wall Art

Georgia: Diffusers

Hawaii: Prints

Idaho: Mirrors

Illinois: Wall Art

Indiana: Wall Shelves

Iowa: Rugs

Kansas: Wallpaper

Kentucky: Poufs

Louisiana: Mirrors

Maine: Prints

Maryland: Trays

Massachusetts: Botanicals

Michigan: Trays

Minnesota: Candles

Mississippi: Trays

Missouri: Platters

Montana: Wall Decor

Nebraska: Jewelry Boxes

Nevada: Wallpaper

New Hampshire: Wall Decor

New Jersey: Lighting Fixtures

New Mexico: Bar Carts

New York: Mirrors

North Carolina: Baskets

North Dakota: Wall Decor

Ohio: Wallpaper

Oklahoma: Frames

Oregon: Rugs

Pennsylvania: Slipcovers

Rhode Island: Frames

South Carolina: Window Treatments

South Dakota: Throw Pillows

Tennessee: Bar Carts

Texas: Figurines

Utah: Bins

Vermont: Wall Art

Virginia: Trays

Washington: Jars

West Virginia: Mirrors

Wisconsin: Throw Pillows

Wyoming: Lanterns