There's A New Elf On The Shelf Cereal & It's Basically A Bowl Of Candy Canes

Listen up, lovers of sugary breakfast cereals: Christmas has come early. If starting your day with a gigantic bowl full of sweet goodness makes you giddier than Buddy the Elf with a stack of pancakes, Kellogg's new The Elf on the Shelf Vanilla Candy Cane Cookie Cereal can make every morning feel just like Christmas.

To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, Kellogg's has added this brand new flavor to their cereal lineup, joining The Elf on the Shelf Sugar Cookie Cereal to add even more holly jolly joy to your morning routine. Your kids already can't wait to wake up each morning to see where their elf has magically moved overnight, so why not add some candy cane-flavored fun to the mix?

The Elf on the Shelf Vanilla Candy Cane Cookie Cereal is comprised of red star cereal pieces sprinkled with white crunchlets and mixed together with tiny red and white swirled marshmallows. Flavors of vanilla and peppermint make this cereal the perfect choice for celebrating the holiday season.

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The cereal's white crunchlets remind me of sweet little snowflakes delicately scattered all over the star-shaped pieces, and the mini marshmallows look incredibly similar to the puffy peppermints you get at some restaurants that melt as soon as they hit your mouth. Based on that imagery, I bet this cereal will taste just as magical as it looks. If you've ever wanted to eat a bowl full of candy canes with a spoon, I would imagine that this cereal isn't too far off from that fantasy.

This new limited edition Vanilla Candy Cane flavor will join the fan-favorite The Elf on the Shelf Sugar Cookie Cereal on store shelves at Walmart this October. Available in two sizes, an 8.1-ounce box will retail for $4, and a 12.2-ounce box will retail for just less than $6. If you want to avoid the holiday crowds in store, you can also order both versions of The Elf on the Shelf cereals on Walmart's website while supplies last.

The best part of this delightful new creation? Unlike the actual Elf on the Shelf, you won't have to set an alarm on your phone to remember to move the dang thing after your kids go to sleep every night. (That's not just me, right? Right?) In fact, a tasty new cereal seems like the perfect opportunity to teach your kids how to pour their own bowl in the morning so you can sleep in a bit longer. After all, you were up late setting up an intricate snowball fight scene between dear ol' Elfy and some Barbies. Merry Christmas to you!